Saturday, 24 September 2016

Dog sitting

This week
I am dog sitting and house sitting for my neighbour
My neighbour lives in the cottage right beside our house 
She is an elderly lady
And has a little Jack Russell terrier called Bobby
So I come over to Bobby every couple of hours 
Let him out 
And sit with him for a while 
He won't come for a walk with me for some reason 
But thats ok
It cuts down my work load 
For the first couple of days 
Bobby was in mourning for his owner
And stayed on her bed 
Growling at me when I got too close
Then when I came in to see him this morning 
There was a steaming great pile of poo waiting for me
Bobby was in better form today 
He had something to eat 
Had a run in the garden 
I brought Lea over to see him
But he wasn't impressed at all 
This morning 
My sister and I were pottering around my neighbours house and garden 
Here are some photos...


  1. Despite the steaming gift of poo...I'm sure Bobby is grateful for your attention. lol

    1. He he!
      Yes I think so
      He is well looked after. X


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