Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Last Day...

Today was my last lesson at horse therapy 
Before I start my course on Monday 
All of a sudden it all seems real
That I am actually going to embark on full time education
At something I love 
Today was amazing 
Star was in rare form
And we had some great canters
As well as some small jumps 
Fintan was away this week
So my Mam came with me today
The first lesson was great 
Then I had a cuppa with my Mam and Pat
Before having s second lesson 
All too soon 
It was time to go home 
I am really going to miss every one 
Especially Eilish and Fintan
Before I left 
She gave me some sage words 
To ring her if I need to about anything 
To take it slow 
And not to do anything I don't feel comfortable 
Eilish said that the instructors at this course may push me 
But to always just do what I can 
Then it was hugs and kisses all around 
And home we went 
can't begin to tell you how much horse riding has helped me 
It was a life line 
A reason to get up in the morning 
A reason to stay well for 
Star became my bosom buddy 
And gently eased me in to learning to ride 
The staff at the centre are second to none
Their kindness, patience and understanding made my time there absolutely enjoyable and unforgettable 
Thank you Eilish and everyone at KEC
You'll never know how much you helped me...


  1. LOVELY pictures! (I especially like the first -- heart-warming, love your smile)

  2. After reading all of your posts about horse riding and how much it helped you, I bit the bullet and decided to get back into it. I grew up with horses, but haven't ridden or looked after horses since I ran away when I was 19. I thought it would do me good, to be around these awesome animals I love so much, but it totally backfired and I somehow ended up launching myself into a totally horrible place full of horrible memories and horrible pain and ended up reverting to unhelpful coping mechanisms to cope. I won't write on here because it might be triggering to readers. But I just wanted to say a huge thank you, for being an inspiration, thank you for getting me to at least try, and to realise that there are some things that actually I haven't dealt with even if I thought I had. You are amazing and I wish you nothing but the best of luck on your new course. I can't wait to hear how you get on and all the wonderful things you'll be doing! All my love partner xoxo

    1. Annie
      I just saw this comment
      I'm not sure what happened
      But are you ok?
      I sent you an email do feel free to let me know what happened?
      So sorry
      I hope you will be ok! X

  3. ahh you look so happy, you can always go back to see them. best of luck with the new adventure xx jo

    1. Thanks Jo Jo
      Can't wait to share it all with you
      Hope you are well x

  4. Great pictures. Good to see how well you're doing! :) I know that you'll be going back to see them once in a while!

  5. This is so exciting!! I can't believe the equine therapy is already coming to a close and you're moving on to bigger and greater things. I guess it just shows that you never know where these opportunities will take you unless you give it a go. So proud of you :)



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