Friday, 16 August 2013

Banged up Abroad

The media in this country has been dominated by one story for the last 10 days and it's one that I have a lot of interest in
Michaela McCollum Connolly was a 20 year old from Co. Tyrone in northern Ireland
She was a dancer and part time nightclub host
She was spending the summer on the island of Ibiza

Last week Michaela seemed to go missing
Her family hadn't heard from her in 9 days, her phone was turned off and there was no acivity on her Facebook account at all
They launched a desperate search to find her
There was nothing for  days but then she appeared
In Peru
She had been arrested along with another girl called Melissa Reid 19, on suspicion of trying to smuggle cocaine out of the country
The drugs were hidden in food packaging in their luggage
They were arrested at the Air Europa desk as they prepared to board a flight to Madrid and then on to Palma in Majorca
They were carrying a total of 10.8kg between them worth about 1.7million euros

The girls protested their innocence and in an interview claimed that they had been forced to carry the drugs by a gang
They claimed that they didn't know that there were drugs in the food packages
At the moment they are being held in a police station but they will be moved to prison of they are found guilty

I happened to see a documentary this week about cocaine production in Peru
It is one of the biggest producers of cocaine in the world
Farmers grow the coca plant like it is just another crop like corn
It's a way for a farmer to provide his family with everything they need which they otherwise wouldn't be able to do
Stacey Dooley presented this documentary and it was very informative
Cocaine is big business in Peru
And along with the drugs come violence and gangs
The problem is so big that the police can't possibly keep up

Michaela and Melissa's court date is next week and they are expected to plead guilty
But they could be facing up to 25 years in prison most likely Santa Monica prison in Lima, a notorious women's prison
The prisons over there are nothing like the prisons here which are practically hotel room standard
The prisons in South America do not have sanitary conditions
They will be lucky if they get a bed, if not they will be sleeping on the floor in close proximity to dozens of other prisoners
The food is vile
The place is as miserable as can be
Hopefully they won't be targeted but they could well be given a hard time by other inmates
Imagine spending 25 years in these conditions

An Irish priest based in Peru called Fr Foley spoke about how the girls are in for a rough time once they transfer to prison
'Prisons in Peru are very very spartan' he explained
'Very often prisoners have to sleep on the floor, with only a piece of cardboard between them and the ground'

I can only imagine what these girls are going through right now
Whether they did this willingly or were coerced in to it, either way their lives are now changed for ever
It's all too easy to judge and question' What were they thinking?'
But they were young, naive and vulnerable and probably didn't fully realise the magnitude of what they were doing
This no excuse though
They committed a serious crime even if it was under duress

If you've ever seen Banged up Abroad, you will be familiar with these stories
It's terrifying what can happen after a lapse in judgement
Their lives will never be the same again
It must like a nightmare for them
They are all alone is a foreign country where they don't understand the language
I count my blessings today
As bad as things are they could be a whole lot worse and I am grateful for that

Monday, 12 August 2013

Black Swan

I never sleep well on a Sunday night for a number of reasons so last night I was hunting through the house for Dvds to see me through the night as painless as possible
I was looking for something undemanding like a rom-com but then I stumbled across Black Swan
I have seen it before but it was in hospital so you can forgive me for  not giving it my full attention
I was hesitant as first to watch it for a couple of reasons
The number one being that I find it really hard to watch dancing
Not because it is triggering (although it can be)
But because I find it upsetting to watch others do what I wanted to and should have done
If things had gone differently in my life, I would have persued a career in dance
If not dancing itself, then teaching
So watching others do it makes me sad and envious and angry

I'd forgotten how good this film is
I'm sure most of you have seen it but if not Black Swan is a dark psychological thriller directed by Darren Aronofsky
The plot revolves around a production of Tchaikovsk's Swan Lake ballet by a prestigious New York company
The production requires the chosen ballerina to preform the role of the innocent and fragile White Swan, for which the committed dancer Nina is a perfect fit, as well as the dark and sensual Black Swan, which are qualities embodied by new arrival Lily
Nina puts massive pressure on herself to compete for the role and her quest for perfection which ultimately causes her to lose her tenuous grip on reality and her dream begins to turn in to a living nightmare

As the pressure on Nina mounts, she begins to hallucinate and she also self harms
When I saw the scene of her feet either side of of a toilet bowl I figure that shehad bulimia also
I can't think of any other reason why they would show that
Nina is haunted by Lily who she thinks is trying to replace her
The night before her debut performance, Lily takes Nina out drinking and gives her pills
Later we see them having sex but when Nina wakes up in the morning Lily has vanished
Nina descends in to a world where she can't distinguish what is real
She is terrified but determined to perform than night

During the performance she hallucinates during a lift and falls
In her dressing room comes to tell that she will be dancing the rest of the performance
Nina cracks and shoves her in to  a mirror, smashing it
She stabs Lily with a shard of glass
Panicking, she hides Lily's body in the bathroom and continues with the show
At last she manages to conquer the character of the Black Swan and she finishes the first act to thunderous applause
But by this stage she seems to have completely lost her grip on reality

She goes back to her dressing room to check on Lily but when she gets there the body is gone and Lily seems to be fine
She looks down and realises that the shard of glass was actually in her
She had stabbed herself
Somehow she finishes the performance
At the end, when the Swan commits suicide, Nina jumps from the platform on to a mattress
Her last words were 'I felt it. Perfect. I was perfect'

I thought this film was darkly beautiful
Natalie Portman was utterly stunning as Nina and thoroughly deserved the Oscar that year
Her dancing was mesmerising
She did take ballet as a child and underwent a year of intensive training to prepare for the role of Nina
She did have a dance double though, an ABT dancer called Sarah Lane
I though the portrayal of her losing her mind was done really well
It was subtle at first
You weren't quite sure if you saw what you thought you saw
The eyes in a picture moving
A distorted image in a mirror
And over time her world turns upside down

It was Nina's pursuit of perfection that was her downfall
I think many of us fall in the trap of trying to be perfect
The perfect daughter
The perfect sibling
The perfect friend
The perfect job
And of course the perfect body
Nina obviously had an eating disorder
When she is having her measurements taken, we see give a little smile when the lady tells her that she has lost weight
There is something about ballet that brings out a persons need to be perfect
I remember when I took ballet from the age of 10 - 16
Having to wear a leotard and tights there is no hiding your body
And in a room full of mirrors there is no getting away from having to look at your own body
I remember my ballet teacher telling my mother that I was losing weight
I had no idea why but that made me feel good
Maybe it was because I was fed the message that thinner is better
Maybe it was the attention and the concern
Whatever the reason it was a sign of things to come

I remember really looking forward to doing pointe work
The day I got my first pair of pointe shoes is one that I will always remember
It's important to get shoes that fit your feet perfectly and it can take time to find the right pair
Before you use you have to break them in
Literally break the spine of the shoe
Then darn the pointe
Sew on ribbons
All this before you even put them on
I didn't get to do much pointe work and never really properly danced in them
Some say it is barbaric to wear them
They ruin your feet
Even though it looks delicate and beautiful to watch someone dance in them, it is incredibly difficult
It takes such control and strength
I think dancers are athletes
I remember when I was taking ballet our teacher used to take us to the gym for a punishing work out
I wanted to be perfect
Perfect lines
Perfect turn out
Perfect poise
Unfortunately perfection is impossible
If we expect perfection then we will be bitterly disappointed

I got a distinction in my first ballet exam
And after that I put pressure on myself to make sure that I always got no less than a distinction
Obviously I was no where near the league that Nina was dancing in but it was still a stress in my life
In my next two exams I got 2 more distinctions
But then in grade 5 I got a merit
I was devastated
I felt that I had failed
Fuel for my developing eating disorder
In grade 6 I began to lose interest in dancing
I was distracted by friends and boys and began to dabble in drugs
I remember the day  that I went to collect my exam results
There was 3 of us in the class and our teacher told us at the beginning of the class that 2 of us had passed with a merit and one had achieved a distinction
I was massively hung over and didn't really care what I had got
But it turned out that I had got the distinction
I gave up ballet soon after that
Something that I've always regretted

I've always had a perfectionist streak
It can be a good thing as it means you do things diligently and thoroughly
But it also means that you put huge pressure on yourself and are often very hard on yourself
As with my addiction and ED, it's an all or nothing game
Either be brilliant at something or don't do it at all
The mind is a fragile thing and will only take so much
It 's a terrifying feeling to feel like you are losing your mind
It happened to me just recently when I really thought that I was going mad
In reality it was a combination of lack of food and isolating
I went to my mother an told her that I was worried about myself
That I felt like I was going crazy and maybe needed to go in to hospital
She managed to appease me and calm me down
But it is always there in the back of my mind
The fear of losing touch with reality

Have you see Black Swan?
What did you think of it?

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Lea and Honey

Over the last few days I've noticed that Lea my golden retriever has been out of sorts
She hasn't been going outside very much and is sleeping a lot
Then one day when I was bringing them out in the car I noticed that she was really struggling to get in to the car
They come on the car with me nearly every day and she has never had that issue before
Usually she just jumps in with no hesitation at all
But now she stops and stares at it as if trying to psych herself up
She puts her 2 front paws on the seat but doesn't seem to have the strength in her back legs to push herself up
So I've been keeping a close eye on her
She has also been struggling to get up steps and is straining a bit when getting up from lying down
Then yesterday after getting in to the car, she started crying
I figured that she must be in pain so I immediately rang my vet
She said to bring her so my mother, me and Lea and Honey set off for the vet

The vet happens to be on the same road as the kennels so as soon as we turned on to that road the dogs started to look concerned
Little did  they know they were going somewhere far worse than the kennels
I parked, put Lea on her lead and went inside
The minute Lea smelt the familiar vet smell, she decided she was not happy and turned to run outside but instead promptly ran in to a pane of glass
The vet took is in to her surgery and I explained what had been happening
She brought us outside so she could see Lea walking
Then she weighed her (the same weight as my lowest weight)
She said that Lea was slightly over weight
We went back to her room and she examined Lea
She said that the probable cause was arthritis of the hips as this was common is retrievers that are a little bit older (Lea is 8)
The best thing to do she said, was to put her on medication for arthritis for 3 weeks and see if that helps

Lea and Honey then got their annual vaccinations
Lea was fine but Honey was not a happy dog and kept running for the door
I paid and made another appointment for 3 weeks time and left
The dogs could not get out of there quick enough

Because they had been so good at the vets, we brought them to their favourite beach for a nice long walk

The vet said that Lea is slightly over weight an it was important for her to keep active to keep her joints healthy
It would be great if she could lose a bit of weight she said
Any one who knows me knows how much my dogs mean to me
I got them when I first moved here 8 years ago and they have been by my side ever since
I can't remember what life was like before them
They have saved my life over and over again
When I can't find a reason to get up in the morning,  I get up for them
When I don't want to leave my house, I leave to walk them
And just being with them makes me feel better
They bring so much happiness and joy in to our house
Even my mother who is not a dog lover, loves them
She was just as concerned as I was about Lea
So the thought that I might be hurting them was like a punch in the stomach
Yes I agree both my dogs are a bit over weight
And it's my responsibility as I'm the one who feeds them
I have to admit that I show love for them through food
A treat here
A biscuit there
And they get a nice big dinner every day
It breaks my heart to think that I might contributing to Leas's condition by not feeding them properly
Some would argue that an over fed dog is just as bad as an underweight dog
But it's not out of badness that I feed them
It's out of love and wanting them to be happy

I think my ED might have something to do with it also
I love feeding them
The ritual of putting their food in their bowls
Preparing the food and watching them enjoy it brings me joy
I hate the thought that they might be hungry so I make sure that never happens
But now to help Lea, I may have to reconsider what and how much I feed them
They are getting older now and I want to do everything I can to make sure that they are here for as long as possible
I can't bear the thought of life without them and they are irreplaceable
They have been with me through all the ups and downs of the last 8 years and I'm not sure if I could do this without them
Some people may say that I'm being overly dramatic about my dogs but they really do mean this much to me
I'll leave you with one of my favourite quotes

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

A pill for every ill

This weekend being a bank holiday, I didn't have my doctors appointment until this morning
As I walk in to the surgery, I see my usual doctor's car pull in
My first thought was that he was back
But when he got out of the car he was wearing shorts and a hoody
Unusual to see him in casual clothes
I kind of forget that he has a whole life outside being a doctor
He is actually a keen surfer
This part of the country is a haven for beach goers and surfers
'Hi Ruby, how are you?' he says
'Good thanks, how are you doing. is your back ok?'
'It's a lot better thanks, I hope to be back next week'

I walk in to the surgery
I have no idea what doctor I'm seeing today
An older man calls my name
As I follow him down the corridor he drops a letter
I pick it up and say 'Hey, you dropped this'
He practically snaps it out of my hand and doesn't say thank you
I think I will call this one Not very nice doctor
I sit down
'How are things?' he asks
'Yea ok' I say
He spends a few minutes on the computer
It's very disconcerting to know that as I sit there he reading all about me
All my notes
My diagnosis
My weight
He doesn't say much else
In fact he seems royally pissed off about something
Or maybe that is just his manner, I don't know
He fills out my scripts and that's that

I don't think about the meds I'm on a lot but the past couple of days I have been
I'm on a few medications
Mirtazapine (anti depressant)
Olanzapine ( this is an anti psychotic but I am prescribed it for anxiety)
Midon (for low blood pressure)
I've been on methadone for about 9 years now
I started on 70mls and over the years have worked my way down to 30mls
I am very heavily dependant on it both physically and psychologically
Sometimes I have a fear that for some reason I won't be able to get it
Without it I would be in a world of pain within 48 hours
That scares me
To be so dependant on something
Taking my methadone is the first thing that I do every morning
I can't remember what life is like without it
I don't get a feeling off it but it can make me drowsy especially combined with the other meds
To be honest I am terrified to come off it
I dread that day and I continue to put it off
I fear that I won't I won't be able to cope and I will relapse back on to heroin
It has helped me though
It is like a stepping stone between the drug and being completely clean
They say that it's harder to come off methadone than it is to come off heroin
I would agree with this
In my experience it is more difficult to get clean off synthetic, man made drugs than it is coming off something natural like heroin
The detox is longer and the symptoms are worse

I've been on anti depressants for years but have only been on mirtazapine since 2011
It is notorious for having weight gain as a side effect
In the first few months of taking it I gained 30 pounds reaching an all time high weight
My mother says that at that time I looked very bloated at that time
I stayed at that weight for about 18 months
The other day I came across photos of myself at the weight
It didn't suit me at all and I think I looked a lot heavier than 130lbs
I remember being so uncomfortable in my own skin at that time
I hated my body
Absolutely hated it
Thinking back I don't know how I got through that 18 months
And because I now looked normal, people presumed that I was ok
I wasn't underweight so I must be doing fine
But if anything it was the exact opposite
I was still restricting
Still purging
Still mentally unstable
I was just as sick as I was when I was underweight
Then one day someone commented that I had lost weight
I immediately weighed myself and I had lost almost a stone
This triggered a relapse back in to anorexia
I haven't reached that weight since too and I vowed never again
I've come to the conclusion that I actually look heavier than I am
Even now I am technically underweight but I think I look like I am of average weight
I don't see an underweight person
Not at all

I've been on olanzapine for years also
Again it has a side effect of weight gain although I haven't experienced that
I was first prescribed it during my first hospitalisation in 2008
Combined with the other meds it does make me quite sleepy but I like that
I like being able to fall asleep whenever I want
I can escape when things get too much
I remember when I was in hospital I used to see the other patients lining up to get their meds
I actually felt jealous
I wanted to be on meds too
I complained that I couldn't sleep and was immediately put on a sleeping tablet (zimovaine)
It shocked me a bit how easily they prescribed meds
For me I think that the placebo effect plays a big part
Just taking the pill makes me feel better

Over the years I have been on various pills and potions
I haven't been medication free for as long as I can remember
Being an addict I seek out instant gratification and pills can provide that
They can take the edge off life
Wrap you in cotton wool
The can make life bearable
In reality I know that taking a pill is not going to make me better
I know that it's more complicated than that
Yes, meds have a place but in combination with other therapy
I think for depression things like and diet, exercise and talking are just as important of not more important than meds
I think I could probably do with the Olanazpine and the Mirtazapine but I would be reluctant to come off them
From time to time I do misuse my meds
Up until quite recently I had abused them for years
I would take all my meds over 2 or 3 days but that would leave me with no meds for a few days
So I started to take them properly
I just like the idea that if things get really tough, I can take a little white pill and all the nastiness will melt away
Really I should be finding other ways to cope but so far I haven't been able to do that
I went through a period of buying meds online
Mostly valium
But I had to stop after I crashed my car after I fell asleep behind the wheel

So I collected my meds today and when I got home I realised that I had extra tablets
My first reaction was to take the extra ones and sleep the day away
But I know that my mother gets really stressed when I do that so I didn't
I was a good little drug addict and took them as prescribed

The binging an purging came to an abrupt end yesterday
I hope and pray that it stays that way
The kilo I gained disappeared by night fall
It wasn't the kilo that scared
It was the thought that my weight gain would spiral out of control
So I am back at a safe weight
For now

I was wondering about you?
Are you on medication?
If so, how do you find it?
Do you have any unpleasant side effects?

Monday, 5 August 2013


I'm back home
Back in the trigger that is my house
Yesterday was horrible
Like a bad dream
I came home from Dublin expecting a significant gain
I stood on the scale and peeped at the number through my fingers
It was exactly the same as the day I left
Thank freakin' Jesus
It turns out that I can eat and not purge and maintain my weight

Yesterday I could feel a binge coming on
Like a storm cloud on the horizon, it was slowly making it's way towards me
I could see it coming
I just didn't know what to do
I know what I should have done
I should have eaten something
Pre empt the binge
But part of me wanted to binge
Wanted the high from the food
The relief from purging
I haven't done it in quite a while

Yesterday was Sunday and I hate Sundays
I associate Sunday's with binging and purging
Before I knew it I was in my car and heading for town
I walked my dogs first, planning the binge in my mind
What I would eat
What order I would eat it in
How great it would feel to eat forbidden food

I went to the first shop
I wanted to stock up on chicken curry
I brought my cloth bag and walked down to the freezer section
I counted out 8 (why 8? I have no idea) curries  and put them in my bag
Then picked up some rice
I slung the bag over my shoulder and walked towards the door
My heart was beating out of my chest as it always does when I do this
I took out my phone to distract myself
When I get outside I speed walk to my car, waiting for someone to follow me out
They don't
I reach my car and get out of there pronto

Next shop
I choose foods that take a short time to prepare and a long time to eat
It's essential that they are easy to purge
I pick up pasta and tomato and chilli sauce
Ham and bread
White chocolate
7up free (essential for any bulimic)
This time I pay for them
I get to my car and realise that I've forgotten biscuits
I need biscuits because when I wake up in the middle of the night, I like to have tea and biscuits
I curse and head back to the shop
I pick up 2 packets of ginger nuts like the ones I had in Dublin
I hope my uncle hasn't noticed that I ate most of his in the middle of the night
'Enjoy those now' says the cashier
'You have no idea' I thought to myself

I get home and even though it's only midday I make 2 of the chicken curries and rice
I settle myself in front of the tv  and the binge begins
The first few mouthfuls taste divine but after that I taste nothing, feel nothing
I head to the bathroom
Tie back my hair
Take off my rings
And purge
I hate purging
I truly do
But keeping this food in my stomach is out of the question
Purging is the lesser of two evils
I wash my hands and face and make sure the toilet is clean
Then I head for the kitchen for round 2

After eating something savoury, I have a craving for something sweet
I make tea and have one and a half (again, I don't know why it's this exact number) milky bars
The chocolate is soft an creamy and delicious
So I have some more

The rest of the day is spent like this
Making food
Eating food
Purging food
I couldn't stop even if I wanted to
This thing is bigger than me
Who am I to stand in it's way
I march from the kitchen to the sitting room to the bathroom
I'm literally going round in circles
I hate it but I can't stop
I know that night I will feel guilt and shame and anger but I can't stop
I know that this is a game that I can't win but I can't stop
I just can't stop

I continue until the food is gone
Only then do I stop
I lie on the couch in a binge induced coma
I replay the day over and over in my head
Like some bad Lifetime movie
I hate myself
I hate being this way

I go to bed early and fall in to a deep sleep
I get up once to have tea and biscuits
I always leave biscuits for the middle of  the night

This morning I wake up with a hangover
I dread what is coming next
Weighing in
I gained
 A big fat gain
My mental state can't handle this
I don't cry
I don't feel angry
Just numb and empty
My first reaction is to have a repeat performance of yesterday
Fuck it
But where would that get me?
No where
So I'll probably go to the other extreme as I don't seem to have a middle ground

I'm just so tired
Burnt out
Will this never end?
I have no Mary until the end of the month
What do I do until then?
Binge and purge I guess

Friday, 2 August 2013

Afternoon Tea

I spent the last few days in Dublin with my mother and aunt
On Wednesday we went for our much anticipated afternoon tea
It was a shocker of a day with torrential rain so I didn't get to wear my pretty dress and had to settle for a cardigan and trousers
Instead of me telling you all about it, I think I will just post the photos

Grafton Street, Dublin

Warming up on the train

Our table

I love this dinky little sugar lump tongs

Pouring like a pro!

Itty bitty sandwiches and goat's cheese cones

Trying to  be sophisticated (and failing)

Miniature cakes including chocolate pots and macaroons

Just one more

Enjoying white chocolate moose with raspberries

My mother, my uncle, me and my auntie B

I had been quite anxious about going away for the few days
Mostly because of food
We stayed with my uncle and one of the first things he said to us was that the flush on the toilet was dodgy so that was purging out of the question
The night we arrived they had made dinner for us
When he said that word it struck fear in to my heart
I haven't eaten lasagne in years
I really pushed myself
Probably a lot more than I was comfortable with
My hands were actually shaking as I ate
I managed almost half of the portion
Then came the hard part
Not purging
I tried so hard to sit there and look normal and make conversation
But there was a war going on inside my head
My ED screamed at me at the top of her lungs

'You fat pig, look how much you have eaten
You are going to pay for this and you will pay in pounds'

I don't quite know how I got through that meal but I did
Now I'm terrified to weigh tomorrow

I'm glad  I went though
There were some good moments
I'm so tired now so I will bid you goodnight

Ruby x

Monday, 29 July 2013

Another day, another doctor

My usual doctor is recovering from surgery and Nice Woman Doctor is on her holidays
So today I saw another doctor who I will call Little Man Doctor
I've seen him before a couple of times before and he is very pleasant
He was a bit flustered when I went in as he was running late
I explained that I needed my weekly prescriptions
He left to get the methadone prescription and apologized when he came back in
The methadone script is different to a usual script
It's more like a form than a script
And it has to be filled in precisely or the pharmacy won't accept it
He took his time filling it in and asked me to look over it when he was finished
After I ok'd it I gathered up my things
He jumped up and opened the door for me
Nice touch I thought

I walked out to reception to make another appointment when I discovered that next week is a bank holiday so I actually needed 8 days meds
Back in to the doctor where the whole process was repeated
He said he would write out a new one as he 'didn't want it to look bad'
I mad my appointment for next week and left for the chemist

Having been on methadone for 9 years I've gotten to know  the staff in the chemist quite well
The girls are lovely and always stop for a chat
However the pharmacist herself is not all that nice
She is all business
Never says anything other then what price I owe
I've stopped trying to make conversation with her
She has been working there for a few years now
The pharmacist before her was much nicer
I had been seeing him from day one and had built up a nice relationship with him
When I went behind the counter to take my methadone, he would always ask how things were going
He was so positive and encouraging and I loved having a chat with him
Then one day a member of staff said they had something to tell me
I didn't know what he was going to say when he explained that the pharmacist was no longer working
He didn't explain why
He just said that he wouldn't be coming back
I was quite upset and I did think it was a bit strange

A few months later I was talking to a girl in town
She told me that the pharmacist has been let go because he had been 'over friendly' towards a female customer
The customer complained and he was sacked
I was shocked to hear this because I had always found him to be so nice
Friendly yes but not in a creepy uncomfortable way
In fact I thought he had a lovely manner
I really wanted to thank him for being so kind to me so I wrote him a thank you card and left it in to the chemist for them to post to him
And so he was replaced by this current pharmacist and collecting my meds has never been quite the same
I did run in to him a couple of years later and he is now working else where

I guess it goes to show how important these professionals can become in our lives
I was new to this area and it was hard enough settling in to a new town and especially because I was a former heroin addict
People can be quick to judge and it's hard to shake off a bad reputation
But for every person that condemns there is always someone who will show compassion and empathy
And they're the ones who make it all worthwhile

I have been making a big effort to get out of the house to prevent binging and purging
Especially on a Sunday because it's a day I find extremely difficult for some reason
And I'm feeling the benefits
Getting out of the house gets  me out of my own my head
And my head is a dangerous place to be
Sitting at home I become so introverted and withdrawn
Being out and about reminds me that there is a whole world out there and that the world does not revolve around me and my issues
Yesterday my mother and aunt and uncle went to a morning mass at the Holy Well
The Holy well is an amazing place
So peaceful and tranquil

After mass the priest was giving blessings to people that were ill
My mother wanted me to go up but I felt just being there was enough

After mass we went to Strandhill for lunch by the sea
I was anxious to say the least
I ordered butternut squash and roasted pepper soup
It came with brown bread
I managed to eat half and didn't purge
After eating I felt uncomfortably full
I had such an urge to purge but I didn't

We went for a walk on the beach then
As we walked a noticed a girl walking in front of me
She was extremely thin and frail
I couldn't stop looking at her
I was both fascinated and repulsed
I said it to my mother as she usually notices these things too but she hadn't noticed this girl
She may just have been very thin but I'd hazard a guess that she had anorexia
It's always startling to see someone so thin
Seeing this girl made me wonder if that's what people see when they look at me
In my head I look perfectly normal but I do accept that I have a skewed perception of what I look like
But I definitely don't see an underweight person when I look in the mirror

My weight dropped last week but has stayed stable since then
I don't know how I feel about my weight
I want to lose more but I also don't want to either
I am used to being this weight now and the thought of having to gain is terrifying
It's the one thing keeping me stuck in this place
The one thing I can't face

What about you?
Are you happy/satisfied with your weight?
How does your weight affect your life?