Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Poor little Honey

Honey is not much better today
In fact she is utterly miserable
And the fact she is wearing a buster collar is not helping matters
She keeps trying to scratch her sore eye
I really and truly feel sorry for her
Her eye is still very red and swollen
We felt so sorry for her last night
That we let her in to the living room
Usually they stay in the kitchen and utility room
We brought her bed in
And she lay between my sister and I
Getting up every so often
And snoring quietly

When I went to get them up this morning
Honey didn't move an inch
Usually she bounds out to greet me
She is really not herself

Then I had to give her the medication the vet gave us
She wouldn't take it on its own
So I wrapped the tablet in s bit of ham
But she still wouldn't take it
I went to the shops and bought some roast beef
Hoping that would tempt her
It took a while
But the meds eventually went down

I guess all I can do is keep an eye on her
And give her plenty of TLC
I'm hopeful that she will make a full recovery
And we will look after her as best we can

Monday, 5 January 2015


I don't know if I mentioned it or not
But Honey has been having an issue with her eye lately
At first we noticed there was a little cloud on her left eye
We brought her to the vet
But the vet wasn't sure what it is
So she prescribed drops
And told us to wait and see how she got on
It's didn't seem to be bothering Honey
Or effecting her eye sight
But even so
We kept a close eye on her

Then yesterday we were playing fetch in the kitchen
Honey was running around as usual
Having a great time
When all of a sudden
She let a little high pitched yelp out of her
She ran in to the corner behind the chair
And looked really sheepish
From then on
I kept a close eye on her
She seemed to be keeping her left eye tightly closed
And it was starting to weep
She stayed in behind the chair for ages
And was holding her head in a funny way
I was starting to get worried at this stage
And unfortunately it was a Sunday
So we had to wait until the following morning to bring her

This morning I got up early to check her
She was wiping her eye with her little paw
And she seemed to be in a lot of distress
I couldn't get a close look at her eye
As she had it closed very tightly
But I could see that it was red and swelling up
I bundled her and Lea in to the car
And off we set

I had to nip to the doctors first
That went fine
I am still on daily dispensing
Except on Saturday when I get a double dose
That is just fine with me
At least it will keep me out of trouble for now
I picked up my meds in the chemist
And then headed for the vet

We arrived at the vet at about 10am
They know us by this stage
So they greeted Honey warmly
While we were waiting
We weighed Honey
She has out on a little over Christmas
But haven't we all
Then we were called in to the surgery

I lifted Honey up on the table
And the vet took a look at her poor eye
She pulled back the eyelid to expose huge swelling in the white part of her eye
So much so you couldn't actually make out the pupil of her eye
I actually gasped when I saw it
As I didn't think it was that bad
And looking at it closely
I could see that the outside of her eye was all swollen and red too
Poor little Honey Bunny
I felt so sorry for her

By now Honey was not impressed with being poked at
And she began to growl at the vet
So we had to put a muzzle on her
The vet thought that her eye might be infected also
Because of the redness and the discharge
She prescribed pain killers
And anti inflammatory tablets
And Honey also has to now wear a buster collar
You know the one that looks like a lampshade?
Honey is not happy about this
I think she feels pretty humiliated
So will keep a close eye on her this week
And she has to go back to the vet on Friday
Before we left
The vet gave Honey some injections to get her started

I collected the meds (which always cost a small fortune)
But I don't mind
Anything for my dogs
Their health is first and foremost in my mind
Honey banged and bumped her way back to the car
The poor little thing
I really feel for her

Now she is home
And she seems to be a bit brighter
She is eating
And walking around
And bullying Lea
So I am glad to see that she is coming back to herself
I truly hope that she makes a  full recovery
And goes back to being the Honey Bunny that I know and  love

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Katie Hopkins: My Fat Story

Those of you who live in the UK and Ireland may be aware of Katie Hopkins
Hopkins first became known when she took part in the 2006 series of The Apprentice
Now she writes a column for the Sun newspaper
From the start she was controversial
Making comments about over weight people
She was also accused of classism
As she once said she judges her children's class mates by their first time
Saying she had no time for people with names like Tyler or Chardonnay
She seems to have courted the media over the years
Pushing peoples buttons just to get a reaction
She doesn't seem to be very popular with the public to say the least

Over the last week I have seen her advertise her new show quite heavily on the Tv station TLC
It was called Katie Hopkins: My Fat Story
Basically it was a two part reality fly on the wall documentary
About Katie (40) wanting to prove a point about obesity
The point being that if you 'eat less and move more'
Then anyone can lose weight
Katie wanted to gain 3 - 4 stone over a 3 month period
In order to lose it all again
To show that anyone can lose weight if they put their mind to it

Katie started off standing 1.7m tall
And weighing in at 125 pounds
At one point she stood
In her underwear
In front of a football team
And asked them what they thought of her body
The general consensus was that she was too skinny
One even said she bordering on 'anorexic'
Katie is big in to exercise
And runs a lot
She is very active in general
And seems to have no inclination to gain extra weight
In her own words
She describes that she has a 'very functional' relationship with food
That it is fuel for energy and nothing more

So she set about her goal to gain an extra 3 - 4 stone
In the beginning she found it very hard to gain any weight at all
She increased her calories to 4000 a day
And after 2 weeks had gained nothing
How annoying I thought to myself (Not!)
So she increased her intake to 6000 calories a day
And cut out all exercise
She began to gain weight

Katie was being monitored by a doctor
Who was watching her weight
Her body fat
And her bloods
Before she started the challenge
For her height
Katie was medically underweight
But even so
She was advised that this challenge could be detrimental to her health
But Katie was very single minded
And was determined to prove her point

She seemed to have little or no sympathy for over weight people
Calling them 'lazy' and 'slobs'
She regularly went on a rant about how it was easy to lose weight
And she couldn't understand why so many people were now clinically obese
She couldn't seem to accept the fact that some people were more inclined to gain extra weight
Or that some have an emotional relationship with food
And could even be addicted to food
She seems to think that what is true for her
Is a universal truth
And is the same for everyone

A month in
And Katie begins to gain weight
We saw her standing in front of the mirror in her underwear
Professing how fat she had become
But to me she looked far from fat
She looked healthier in my opinion

Katie met many people through out making the documentary
She met a woman who has struggles with her weight her whole life
And who some years ago, had gastric bypass surgery on the NHS (UK health service)
Katie was angry that she a 'tax paying citizen' had to pay for this woman's surgery
When if she wasn't 'lazy '
Could have worked off the weight herself
Katie seemed to have no comprehension that some people genuinely needed medical help to fight the battle of the bulge
And she certainly had no sympathy or empathy for them
She also met some fat activists
And insulted them right to their faces
One of the activists became very upset
And said she was going to phone the police to report Katie's insults as a hate crime
Katie asked her if she wanted her to bring her the phone
As she probably couldn't make it that far
How brazen can you get

At the end of the 4 months
Katie had gained 3 stone
I thought she looked well
Not over weight
Just healthy and full figured
So then she set about losing the weight
And it did come off very quickly for her
She set up her own Fat Club
Where 4 members of the public joined her in her quest to lose weight by simply eating less and moving more
By the end of the 3 months
Katie was a healthy 136 pounds
And she seemed to be ok with that

This documentary was shown over two consecutive nights
I guess it was sort of like car crash tv
You know you shouldn't watch
But you can't quite help yourself
Sometimes the things she said sounded like someone who is eating disordered
At one point she was wearing an arm band that counts your steps
The daily goal was 10 000 steps
Katie's goal was to do 20 000
In a strange way
What she was doing was very obsessive
And she seemed to contradict herself a lot
At the end of the show
She seemed satisfied that she had made her point
But did admit that the weight issue was not quite as black and white as she thoughts
As a person
Katie is rude, patronizing, insulting, ignorant and single minded
I found myself wondering why do over weight people bother her so much
And why did she feel compelled to do this challenge
It's clear to me that she says and does things to get a reaction
And attention
She seems to have built her career on this
She's great to have on a chat show
As she will say lots of controversial things
And wind people up no end
She is what we call a 'shit stir' in this country
While I was watching the show
Two members of my family got up and left
As they found Katie 'intensely irritating'

I really feel for people that struggle to maintain a healthy weight
In my mind eating disorders and over eating are on the same spectrum
Eating to the point of obesity
Or starving yourself to the point of emaciation are similar
And I know only too well that I could easily be one of those people who weight 400 pounds

I don't think Katie Hopkin's show proved anything
I don't think it was helpful
Or insightful
Or even interesting
I think it was a vehicle to promote her own sick ideas and opinions
And I am fully aware that in writing this post
I am doing exactly what she wants
Giving her attention and exposure
So I will stop now
And never mention her again


I seem to have acquired some new readers recently
So I thought I would a Q and A
About questions that I frequently get asked
Feel free to ask your own.......

Where do you live?
I live near a small town on the west coast of Ireland
I moved here 10 years ago
I grew up in the midlands
And over the years have lived in Dublin and Galway
I love it here though
It's the country side
So it's perfect for someone who loves animals

Do you have brothers and sisters?
I have two older sisters
And an older brother
I am the youngest

How old are you?
I'm 33
Funnily, I used to loathe telling people my age
As I was convinced that everyone on blogger was a lot younger than me
However I now know that's not true
And I have no problem telling people my age

What age were you diagnosed with your ED?
I was 19
It was while I was doing a drug detox in hospital
It was quite a shock
And I denied it for a long time
I just couldn't accept that I had both an addiction problem and an ED
It wasn't until I was about 23 that I finally accepted that I had food and weight issues

How long were you addicted to drugs for?
About 7 years
The worst years of my life

Which is worse
Your ED or your addiction?
They are both different strands of the same problem
I couldn't say that one is worse than the other
They are equally hellish

Do you consider yourself to be in recovery?
I do
Even though it is a very rocky road
I am trying my best to make a better life for myself

Do you have any pets?
I think most of you know that I have two dogs
Lea a Golden Retriever
And Honey a little Terrier
They are both 9
And have saved my life over and over

What are your hobbies?
I love to write
To dance
To swim
Watch movies
They are my main hobbies

When did you start blogging?
I started writing my blog in April 2012
Almost 3 years ago

Why did you start blogging?
I started reading blogs first
I was reading them for quite a quite a while before I was inspired to write my own
The first blogs I read were Lou over at My life with ED, Ana and Mia
And Recovering Anorexic over on Wordpress
Now I read a variety of blogs
But mostly ED blogs

What star sign are you?
I'm a Virgo
I was born on the 7th September
I was quite  a typical Virgo
Single minded
Neat and hard working

Have you ever worked?
Yes I have had a variety of jobs
I worked in a bank for a while
A clothes shop
An office
A pizzeria
I taught dance to kids for a few years
But I haven't worked in  couple of years now
I hope to go back someday

What is your dream job?
To go back to dancing
Or to work with animals

What is your favourite colour?
I love blue and purple

What music do you like?
I love all kinds of music
I love Lana Del Ray
Bat for Lashes
Clean Bandit
Rolling Stones
David Bowie
Too many to mention

Are you religious?
I would consider myself more spiritual than religious

What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?
Treat others as you would like to be treated
Be yourself

Do you drive?
I do
I have a little 03 Toyota Yaris
I love it!

What has been the highlight of your blogging experience?
Meeting all the amazing girls here
And being able to call them friends

Do you believe that full recovery is possible?
I do
But like any addiction
I don't think it ever fully goes away
But we learn to manage it

Let me know if you have any more questions.....

Saturday, 3 January 2015

What a difference a day makes.....

And that difference can be huge
Honestly and truly

I was feeling hopeful but weary this morning
I felt like I had a huge climb ahead of me
To get back on track
And I wasn't much looking forward to it
But first things first
I had to go to the chemist to pick up my meds
I wasn't looking forward to that either
Thought the staff would look down on me for being back at square one
But of course they didn't
They were lovely to me
I didn't even have to explain my being there
They got my methadone straight away
And I was off again

I was due to meet my friend from treatment today
She sent me a text saying she would be an hour late
I was feeling tired and emotional
And didn't feel like venturing out
So I asked her if she wanted to leave it for another day
But she said she would to see me
So we kept our date

After the chemist I set off for Grange
We were meeting in a local pub for coffee
I'm not the worlds most confident driver
So I cautiously made my way there
Then my next issue was where to park
To go in to the pub car park
Or park in the car park across the road where it was less busy
I went for the pub car park
Just to challenge myself
And luckily there was lots of room
It's funny the things that challenge us
I have no problem whizzing around the back roads near my house
But put me on a main road
And I do tend to get anxious

I made it there safely
And settled in  to a seat near the wall
It is such a cozy pub
All exposed brick work
And wooden beams
I was early so I ordered a cup of tea
And played on my iphone
Until I heard my friend coming towards me
I greeted her with a big hug
And we immediately started to chat
It was lovely
And this friend really is such a good support
Not to mention an inspiration
It was just pure chance that we met in hospital
We both live near the same town
And have been firm friends ever since treatment last year

She has seen me at my very worst
When you are in treatment together
You go through so much
On meeting everyone you are so weak and tired and emotional
You spend almost every minute of every day together
You eat together
Go to group together
Everything together
I have such vivid memories of my time there
Laughing with the girls
Walking endless laps of the ground
Gathering every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning for weigh in
Post meal group
Curling our legs under us in our seats
Cooking group
Recreation group
Bloods every Tuesday morning
Which were always an ordeal for someone like me with rubbish veins
We were there so long
Some of us weeks
Some of us months
Some more than a year
We knew each other intimately
You don't spend that long with someone and not get to know them
It's a unique experience
Ever since last year I have met my friend every couple of weeks
We have a strong bond
And I love that
She is nothing short of amazing
She works
Runs a home
Rears 3 boys
And all while battling her illness
She truly is an inspiration
And she has always been very vocal in encouraging me
She tells me that I am unrecognizable from the person I was this time last year
Everything from my hair to my posture has improved she says
It's nice to hear

And we laughed
Thinking back on things that happened in treatment
Remembering all the girls there
And wondering how they are doing
We also exchanged Christmas gifts
Which was so lovely

I guess I am writing this post to tell you that I am pumped up and recharged
And ready to take the world
And my ED of course
All of a sudden I remember what it feels like to feel alive
For the past few weeks I have been on the run
From myself
From my head
From life itself
I was actively numbing myself
Self medicating
Checking out of reality
Now I have been reminded that life is great
It's beautiful
It's full of surprises
And gifts
And wonder

I was feeling like a failure this morning
I didn't want to move outside the front door
I wanted to hide
To disappear
To vanish
But with a little help from my friend
I pushed myself
Pushed through the anxiety
And the fear
And ventured out in to the big wide world
And now I am so glad that I did

If you are reading this today
If you are feeling the way that I was this morning
I just want you to know that I know what that feels like
I have been there
Been there constantly for the last few weeks
I want you to know that if you can push past that feeling
And bring yourself to venture outside
Or where ever it is you want to go
There are amazing and wonderful things if you can just get past that feeling
Our EDs
And our addictions would have us believe that we are safe in our comfort zones
We have everything we need there
They tell us that going beyond that is too scary
Too anxiety provoking
But if we don't push past
Then we will never know what we are missing
I am the type of person who is a worrier
I worry about everything and anything
If I turned the cooker off
If I turned the lights in my car off
And I mostly worry about other people
What they think of me
If they like me or not
If they think what I am saying is stupid
I waste so much energy and time wondering what other think of me
But you know what?
It doesn't matter
The people who matter love me no matter what
The rest is a bonus
If they do they do
If they don't they don't
And that is ok
It's ok

I feel like I am getting back to the way I was before this slip
I feel optimistic
And hopeful
I feel alive
I truly feels alive

What a difference a day makes.........

Scale disposal

So the holidays are coming to an end
The last of our visitors leave on Monday
Today will be the last busy day
The two weeks have flown by
And even though it was a difficult time
There were some rays of sunshine
Having my sister here was awesome
Just having her around makes it a bit easier on me
Since coming home the focus has been on her
All the relatives want to talk to her
So I can relax a little
And stay in the background
Where I am more comfortable
Other comforts came in the form of my parents
My Auntie B
My dogs
You all here on blogger who have rallied around me
And been the most amazing support

I've been on dodgy ground lately
And I guess my doctor helped matters by changing my medication to be dispensed daily
That means I can't mess around with it
And that is good in my book
My head feels a lot clearer today
I  feel a bit more determined and focused to get back on track
I know what need to be done
I have been down this particular road many many times

But first things first
This morning I have to go to the chemist
Then I'm off to meet my friend for coffee
I haven't seen her since the day we went to Dublin
So I am looking forward to seeing her

This post is just to let you know that I am not giving up
Or giving in
I feel a bit stronger
And  bit more able today
There is hope
There is always hope
I haven't come this far just to throw everything away that I have worked so hard for
Weighing is not helping matters
I am thinking about getting rid of the other scale in my house
As I feel compelled to stand on it every morning
And it is driving me bananas
I just can't decide how to dispose of it
Do you have any ideas?
I threw my last one in to the lake
And that was very satisfying
I don't know
I will think of something

I better go get a wriggle on and get ready to go out
Do let me know if you can think of any creative ways to get rid of my scale
See you on the next post......

Friday, 2 January 2015


I felt so horrible and bad this morning
After what I did yesterday
I can't even bring myself to type the words
The past few days have been really hard
My binging and purging is spinning wildly out of control again
And I've really been misusing my meds
I woke up this morning to find that I had only one day of methadone
And no tablets at all
There was only one thing for it
I had to go and see my doctor again 
And this time I had to be honest about everything

So myself and Lea headed off in the car
Honey is refusing to come out in this cold weather
We went for a brisk walk
Before I went to see if the surgery was open
It was
Thank you God
I walked in to see that it was packed
I asked the receptionist if there were any appointments left
She said there wasn't
I was going to leave
But I decided to try sitting outside his room and talk to him myself
About ten minutes later he came out
He saw me
Asked if I was there to see him
Ans told me he couldn't see me unt the end of surgery an hour later
Well at least he didn't refuse to see me
I was glad of that

I headed back to the car
Did some food shopping 
And brought Lea for another walk
By then it was almost an hour later
So I made my way back to the surgery

I didn't have to wait to long
He called me in after about 15 minutes
I started off with an apology
I said I was sorry for being such a pain the last couple of weeks
But that I was really struggling
I told about my meds
The alcohol
And my food
He asked why things were so tough right now
I couldn't really answer him
It could be the time of year
The fact that I am bored
And want to get out of my own head
I said I was on dodgy territory
He asked what I meant by that
I told him because my thinking is becoming unhealthy again
I'm slipping
In all areas

He agreed to gave me a script for more methadone
But now I have to go in to the chemist every day to pick it up
Usually I only go in to the chemist once a week and pick it all up then
I was a bit surprised when he said this
But I wasn't about to argue
I know I am lucky to get the meds at all
He said he would keep it this way for a few weeks
Until I stabilize
I guess it makes sense
Now I can't misuse it
I suppose it's him covering his ass aswell
I understand that

I left the surgery
And headed to the chemist
I felt a little bit ashamed walking in
And having to hand in the script
But this is the way things are for now
And I have to accept that
I was grateful to have it
Finally Lea and I got home
And I intend to do nothing for the rest of today

My Mother has noticed the change in me too
I went to her last night
And told her that I couldn't stop eating and purging
She said that she had noticed
And my Auntie B had also commented that I was very quiet the past couple of days
I guess I have retreated in to myself a bit
And have become withdrawn
I spoke to my Mother again this morning
And told her that I had been to see my doctor
I didn't tell her about the alcohol though
As I don't think I am in danger of doing it again

I need to get back on track though
Before I slip any further
I need to ask for support
Let my family help me as they really want to
I am meeting a friend from treatment tomorrow
So I will have a good chat with her
Then next week everything is back to normal
So I am glad of that
I can back in to my routine
And can structure my day
All  these long and lazy days with nothing to do are starting to get to me

I just want to feel ok you know?
I'm not asking for ecstatic happiness
I just want to feel ok in my head
And ok in my skin
I want to feel ok to be me
And not want to be constantly escaping every opportunity I get
I want to be the best person I can be
I want to be clean and sober
And be happy to be clean and sober
I want to stop running
To stop feeling so afraid of this life
I want to have control of my food
And use it the way it's supposed to be used
For energy and fuel
Not for binging and purging
And punishing myself
I want to be a good person
I want to lay my head on my pillow at night
And feel like I lived my life to the best of my ability
I want to be free of the demons that plague me
That try to kill me
I want to want to live
Is that too much to ask?
I hope not....