Thursday, 29 December 2016

29 Part 2

Apologies that the last two posts have been a bit all over the place
For some reason blogger won't let me go back and edit them
So Part 1 ends very abruptly
But I will try and pick up where I left off
So yes
I'm in the supermarket
Picking up anything that looks good
And of course a big bottle of 7up
All the easier to purge with my dear
There is no rhyme or reason
It's a shopping frenzy
I'm craving both savoury and sweet in equal amounts
Then I head to the check out
Although I have been known to walk straight out of the shop without paying
But I haven't done that in a long time thankfully
Being caught tends to cop you on
My food could cost anything up to €50
Which is a lot if you're buying this every day
I pack all my shopping
And head for home
I drive at break neck speed
I can't wait to get home and dive head first in to a messy, tasty full on, mo holds barred binge
I plan what I'm going to eat in what order
I get home and immediately get a big pot of pasta on
While it's cooking
I break open the peanuts
And literally inhale them
Barely even chewing them
I get area in my living room ready
I sit on the floor
So I put newspaper down
Bring in salt and pepper
And a pint glass of 7up
I find a good show to watch
And I am good to go
I Hoover up the pasta
With gulps of 7up
I eat much more than I am comfortable with
As I know it won't be staying down for long
As soon as the food is devoured
I'm always on the way down to the bathroom
Lock the door
Tie my hair back
Roll up my sleeves
Now over the toilet bowel
I barely have to use my fingers
As the food heaves it's way back up
After the deed is done
I clean myself and anything else that needs it
And head back up for round two
The day goes on like this
A constant, relentless march from the kitchen to the living room to the bathroom
The food goes down
Then comes back up
And again
And again
This is the life of a bulimic
A binge is defined so by its secretive nature
And like any addict worth their salt
You become adept at mastering your crime
This is the reality of an eating disorder
It's messy
It's disgusting
It brings you to your rock bottom
I can't even tell you how I got out of that cycle
As I'm not even fully sure myself
But I got out
I was lucky
I can't even imagine having the energy or the stamina to do that now
And it all just seems like a dreadful waste of time, money and energy
I am so glad to have made it out the other side
That life was killing me slowly
Now I am living
I eat to live
I don't live to eat
I will be ok
And so will you....

29 Part 1

It's that funny time of the holidays
The days in between Christmas and New Years
When you don't know what day it is
What time it is
When time ceases  to have any meaning
I'm off school until next Tuesday
So I still have a few more days off
My best friend  called out yesterday
I met him through horse therapy
Back in March of this year
We clicked
And have become firm friends since
So he called out to me yesterday
We had lunch with my parents
Then for a walk on the beach
We talked
We laughed
Me took selfies
And laughed at the results
He knows that I am trying to make a decision about whether to continue my course or not
And he hasn't said it outright
But from what I can gather
He doesn't think I should be paying the price of my health for my course
And it is suffering
I'm a ball of anxiety
Which in turn is giving me severe attacks of diarrhoea
Which is draining me physically And mentally
So I decided to see what other options were open to me
And rang a stables near to my house
And asked about doing lessons
As well as learning about the care of horses
And stable and yard management
Which is all possible
She said if she finds me useful she will keep me around
I also have the option of going back to horse therapy
And they are actually starting a course about horse husbandry too
So there are a few options
I can't lie
The thought of going back to school fills me with dread
The only thing keeping me there is the horses
If there was no horse riding on this course
There is not a hope in hell I would be doing it
That says it all I think
I have it talked to death
So I am going to stop writing about it too

In other news
I was in my local supermarket this morning
I was stocking up on dog supplies
And was at the self service check out
When I hear someone say 'Hello stranger'
I looked up
And saw a girl that I haven't seen in years
I know her through recovery
As she had very similar issues to me
With food, alcohol and drugs
I gave  her a huge hug
And we stood and chatted for a while
The last time I saw her
She had relapsed back in to her ED
And was not in a good place
But today
I was delighted to hear that she is now back on track
When we were friendly
We used to go to meetings together
Including food meetings
This girl was on a food plan
Where she weighed and measured all her  food
And completely cut out sugar, wheat and flour
I always thought it was extreme
And didn't even attempt to try it
So this girl moved 5 hours away
To go to treatment
And is now. Training to be a personal trainer
I was delighted to see her
And to see her doing so well
We talked about the madness of our EDs
And it really was pure insanity
It got me thinking about my own eating disorder
And the black hole I was in I can remember two years ago
When I was on the endless fucked up ride that is bulimia
I swear
I don't know how I did it
Back then
This is how my day went
Wake up with a food hangover
Use the loo
Weigh myself
And measured my self hatred by the number that flashed in front of me
Cup of tea and a smoke
And I would see what kind of food I was craving that day
Check the cupboards
And make a mental list of what foods I needed to buy
Then I would jump in my car with the dogs
And head to the beach
Walks were not enjoyable
I often became weak and dizzy
And had to sit down to gather my strength
Walk over
I headed to the supwrmar
And make a mental list of what food I needed to buy
Then I'd jump in my car with my dogs
And head for the beach
Walks were not enjoyable
As I regularly felt dizzy and weak
And often had to sit to gather my strength
After that I would head to the supermarket
Hunger is the best sauce
I would grab a basket
And begin throwing food in to it

Tuesday, 27 December 2016


And so Christmas came and went
Just like any other day
It was fine
I got a lovely pair of boots
And my neighbour got me a selfie stick which I thought was comical
As she is 77
I don't stress about the food part anymore
I don't eat any more than normal
And there is only so much chocolate and rich food I can take
I ate my Christmas dinner
But did not keep it down
My old nemesis bulimia still rears her ugly head from time to time
As I always say
It's about progress not perfection
And I am doing a hell of a a lot better than I was doing last Christmas
Forty pounds lighter and in that horrible binge purge cycle
So I guess I have had my one year recovery anniversary
Which is pretty cool!
I'm also using the break to take stock
And figure out whether to continue my course or not
It's not an easy decision as you can imagine
There many pros and cons to both sides
I mean is it really worth putting myself through so much hurt and anxiety?
Battling crippling low esteem and confidence
But having said that
I love the course
And I'm always on a high when I do a successful day at school
I guess it's. it the end of the world if I do give it up
I can go back to horse therapy
I can do private lessons
I can help out the horsey people in my area
Whatever happens
I know one thing for sure
I will be involved with horses one way or another
I've fallen for them hard
And just try taking that away from me
So I guess I need to make a decision
I'm supposed to be back to school next Tuesday
So I have a lot of thinking to do
Although it's not going to be easy
There's a lot about the course that is great
I have structure to my day
I spend time with my school friends
And of course I get to do three lessons a week
As well as be around horses for two days a week
It's a lot to give up
My tutor emailed me last Friday
A list of things I had achieved since starting the course
It was quite impressive
And it was so lovely of her to do that
She has been a great support
She also mentioned that I could take extended leave in the new year if I need to
It's great that I have so much support
It makes things so much more bearable
I will keep you updated

In other news
I was on the phone the other day
In my Mams room
And there was a weighing scales on the floor
I stood on it with one foot
And it gave me an incredibly high number
I panicked
And decided to weigh myself properly
So I waited until this morning
Stripped to my birthday suit
And stepped on
The number was much lower than last night
Thank you Lord
So my BMI is about 20 - 21
Which is just fine with me
Crisis averted

How was your Christmas?

Friday, 23 December 2016


I love the build up to Christmas
I love the music
The lights
The atmosphere
The way people are jolly and friendly
And everyone gives generously to good causes
There is a storm here today
We were supposed to be going in to town for lunch
But the weather is so bad we had to cancel
I don't mind though
Going out to eat is not really my idea of fun
I associate restaurants with stress and anxiety
And purging can be a problem too
So I tend to avoid such occasions
And anyway
It's nice to stay indoors when the weather is wild

I don't know if I wrote about it already
But I spoke to my doctor last week
About the fact that I was misusing my meds
In order to deal with anxiety
His response was to increase my methadone by 10mls
And my olanzapine to 15mg
He also put me on daily dispensing
So I had to go in to the chemist every day
And be supervised taking it
It actually really helped
Because I had the correct amount every day
My doctor also reduced my methadone every couple of days m
To try and get me back down to my original dose
So this weewôk has been tough
I took the week off  school
My tutor texted me
To let me know that I can take extended leave if I need to in January if I am still
She also said something lovely to me
That I well liked
And I am a positive influence in the group
It made my day to hear that
It's the little things
I just need to make a decision
Either I am doing this course and I throw myself into it
Or I cut my losses
And go back to horse therapy
I was speaking with my best friend last night
And I was telling him how nice it was to have the Christmas break
That I felt a weight had been lifted
He said that it shouldn't be this hard
And that the course may be doing me more harm than good
I don't know but what I do know is I can't go on like this
Driving myself and everyone around me nuts
So I will make a decision before the break ends

In the mean time
I will do my best to enjoy the holidays
And try to pass as a sane and normal human lol
Take care of

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

So this is Christmas....

I wanted to take this opportunity
To wish you my blogger friends
A very happy and peaceful
And a fantastic new year
Christmas has really crept up on us this year
It's hard to believe that another year is coming to an end
It's been an interesting year to say the least
But a really good one
I also wanted to say thank you
To each and every one of you
For your friendship
Your kindness
Your understanding
Your kind words
Your love and positivity
It is much appreciated
And means more than you know
I know that a lot of you are struggling at the moment
And Christmas will not be an enjoyable time for many
Some are struggling with depression or anxiety
Some are dreading the holidays and the emphasis on food
At the end of the day
It's just another day
And we will get through it
We've got through them all so far
We will be ok

I was speaking to my tutor today
And she told me that I can take some extended time off if I need to
I'm hoping it won't come to that
And I'll get back on track before the next term starts
I'm not giving up
I refuse to give up
I am doing my level best
I am trying and fighting every single day
I'm going to try and sort my head out over the Christmas break
And not beat myself up in the mean time
I'm going to give myself a break
Highlight the positive
And discard the negative

Happy Christmas to you
And your family
Wherever you are
Whether you are struggling
Or are in recovery
If you are lonely
Sad depressed
If you are in a good place
Or a bad place
If you choose not celebrate Christmas
This is for you
You are important
You are precious
You are the only you there is
You are irreplaceable
You are unique
You are loved...

Thursday, 15 December 2016


I happened to check my blog statistics this morning
Just out of couriosity
And I was very surprised to see that this humble little blog of mine had a total of 1,116 hits yesterday
I'm not entirely sure what my daily average is
As I don't check my statistics too often
But this number struck me as pretty high
Especially given how quiet blogger has been lately
And how erratic my posting has been
Don't get me wrong
I'm not complaining
I'm just wondering if this number is correct
I'm also wondering about you and your blog
Do you check your statistics regularly?
What is your average daily reading?
I'm interested to see how many people are in fact reading our blogs
So yes
If you would check your statistics and get back to me
I would really appreciate it
Thanks in advance!
Proper update to follow in the next couple of days ...

Saturday, 10 December 2016

A is for anxiety...

 For the last few weeks 
I've been struggling with crippling anxiety 
It's effecting everything 
My sleep
My mood 
My eating 
My energy levels 
Pretty much everything 
Mornings are my worst time of the day
I wake up 
Start to get ready for school
Then I start thinking
And get in to an argument with myself 
About whether to go in or not 
I feel a sense of dread 
Of impending doom 
Then I get diarrhoea
And I begin to panic 
This week 
I only went in two days 
The other days I stayed home 
I was annoyed with myself for not going in
And am generally being very hard on myself 
I've spoken to my doctor 
And the only suggestion he made was to get up earlier
He just doesn't get it 
He treats the medical issue 
I guess I need to be talking to someone who understands 
Out of sheer desperation 
I put a call out on Facebook
To ask people for ideas, suggestions 
Anything that might help me get through the day
I had a huge response 
And was blown away by how many people reached out 
A few people who I used to use drugs with contacted me 
They had also experienced addiction and mental health issues 
It just goes to show 
The fallout from drug abuse years later 
If I knew then what I know now 
Life would surely look very differently 
But hey 
It is what it is 

I had to make a decision 
Either continue my course and keep trying 
Or cut my losses 
And walk away from it 
Usually now is when I quit 
When things become tough 
But the stubbornness inside me is stopping me 
It would be easier if I didn't love my course so much 
At least then it would a no brainer
And easier to give up
But because I love it so much 
I want to figure out a way of dealing with this 
One way or another 
And look 
I've come through tougher stuff than this
I am truly blessed though 
To have an amazingly strong family around 
And brilliant friends 
Who continue to have my back.
So no
I'm not giving up 
Not just yet 
My tutor rang me yesterday 
To see how things were 
She told me that one of the girls has been exited from the course 
I guess that is a polite way of saying her ass was kicked off the course 
Because she has missed so much time 
I then panicked that the same would happen to me 
But my tutor assured me that because I had kept in close contact with staff
This other girl wasn't answering her phone 
So I got a doctors cert for this week
And I will start again afresh this Monday 
Day by day 
Step by step 
That's the way I'm going to do it 
No pressure 
No stress 
Done is better than perfect 

This month 
I celebrate one year in my recovery from anorexia and bulimia 
This time last year I made the decision to cyhoose life 
Rather than death 
Because that's what living with an ED is like 
It's a slow and tedious death 
As you literally starve yourself to death 
I am one of the lucky ones 
I made it out relatively unscathed 
I made it out alive!
Not everyone does 
This month last year I final had enough  
And started on this journey that we call recovery 
But it didn't have to be the new year 
That's just the way it happened for me 
Really and truly 
You can start your recovery at any time
And day
Any month 
As long as you choose  it at some point 

Ok friends 
I'm going to leave it at that for today
I posted my Christmas cards today 
So you should get them soon
Take care 
And look after each other
See you on the next post...