Friday, 4 August 2017

August Update

And so we have reached August
It's hard to believe that work will be finishing up in a few short weeks
The summer flew by
I'm looking forward to the send of the summer
Work quietens down
The town gets back to normal
The town I work in is a holiday sea-side town
So that population explodes during the summer 
And all the hotels and other businesses make hay while the sun shines
The places I work in is a charity run holiday centre 
It provides much needed holidays for those who ordinarily wouldn't be able to afford one
We get a mixture of people
Disabled people 
Sick people 
People usually arrived on a Friday afternoon
And depart the following Thursday
We are right on the main road so we are in the think of things
Which can be both a good thing and a bad thing
Our rooms are bright and spacious 
And we have live music at the weekend 
Overall the people who stay with us are lovely 
My managers motto for the house is 'Friendliness, cleaniless and good food'
This week my week starts on a Saturday 
And I work through to Wednesday
I'm doing some evening shifts this week
Which means I'll be working in the bar
I'm a bit anxious 
But I'm sure I'll be fine 
My confidence has definitely improved since I started working 
Most of the time I fake it
But that works too
As long as I look like I know what I'm doing that's half the battle
Also my working means I get to go on a holiday this September 
I've booked a hotel in Westport for three nights with my Mam
She is going to chill out
And I'm going horse riding which I'm so looking forward to
I'm treating my Mam so I'm delighted about that
We actually stayed in this hotel about ten years ago over Christmas
I was strung out at the time
And on the last night I ran out of drugs 
So I was in withdrawal 
It was horrific
I'll never forget it
The longest night of my life

Because I am earning money 
I get to go horse riding more often
Which is brilliant 
I would do it every single day if I could 
But I can only go as much as my wallet allows 
I still call to Coco too
He is now sharing his field with some sheep
I'm looking forward to finishing up work
So I can call to him more often
I feel bad that I'm only getting over a couple of times a week at the moment 
But I am doing my best to look after him
I had a great riding lesson yesterday 
Last week
My trainer told me that I was slightly tipping forward in my canter 
She took a video of me 
And I could clearly see it
So this week I really tried my hardest to address this 
I looked up and out instead of down 
I pushed my heels down 
Shoulders back 
Boobs out
She said there was a marked improvement this week which I was delighted to hear
I know I'll never really do a whole lot with my riding
I don't want to compete 
I'm not training for an event 
I just want to ride for my own enjoyment 
I want to be able to walk, trot and canter 
To gallop on a beach 
To wade in the ocean
Be able to looo after and care for a horse
Because I love it
It makes me happy 
It fills the hole in my soul better than any pill or potion

We have our staff do on the 17th
We are going for a meal
And then for a few drinks 
I booked a hair appointment for the morning 
And am getting my makeup done in the afternoon
I am half dreading it
Half looking forward to it
It will be nice to get dressed up 
All suited and booted 
I am beyond shite at applying make up 
So I am getting a professional to do it 
I can't wait to see what I look like 
I am thinking a smokey eye with a flick of eye liner 
But as I said 
Make up is alien to me
The next questions is whether to have a drink or not 
I drank last year 
And didn't get home until 6am
This year I don't plan on doing that 
So I might have a couple of drinks 
But that is it

I think that's about it for now
Thank you for reading
Stay well
And keep smiling...