So you think you want an eating disorder?

So you think you want an eating disorder?
Well listen carefully
For today and today only we have an exclusive package for you
For the small price of your soul, your health and your sanity, you too can have an eating disorder
And just for today we have a very special deal
Bulimia comes free with anorexia
Two for the price of one!

When you get your eating disorder there are many things to look forward to
Constant hunger
Dizziness every time you stand up
Your hair will fall out
Your skin will become thin and papery
As you lose weight you will develop lanugo
And along with the weight you will lose your mind
Your dignity
And self esteem you once had
Self confidence
To avail of this deal you must to the following
Isolate yourself from your friends
Lie to your family and your doctor
Starve until you feel like you are going to pass out
Purge until you see blood
Weigh yourself every day
Exercise to the point of exhaustion
Yes all this can be yours for today and one day only

Once you have your eating disorder your life will be unrecognisable
You will be a shadow of your former self
You will hate your body
You will never be able to see your thinness
In fact you will be convinced that you are fat no matter what you weigh
You can have all this and more

At best you will escape your eating disorder with minor health problems
At  worst you will die
But isn't that a small price to pay for thinness?
We think so
So sign up today and be part of this very special group of people
You don't want to miss this............


  1. Beautifully written. Beautifully true.

  2. i like this so much. so horrid, so dark, still funny, with a super bitter taste. but so true.

  3. Ruby,

    When I started reading this, I laughed. I laughed because all of what you said here is real and true of this crazy illness that we've had or once had.
    To know and see that some people WANT to live a life like this is scary and upsetting. They have NO idea what it is like, how life ruining it is and what it does to ones soul.
    I truly pray that others who feel like they want such a life, read this and decide against it.

    Thank you for writing such a great piece.


  4. Damn straight ^_^ got it spot on. Just acerbically perfect hun ^^

  5. I love this poem, Ruby, and I think your blog is beautiful. Thank you SO much, x.

  6. I remember being young, maybe 11 or 12, and thinking in passing things like "I wish I could have an eating disorder...". Little did I know that at 17 that anorexia and bulimia would comsume my life. Now, at 23, I live as a shell of my former self.


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