Honey and Lea

Honey and Lea are my dogs
Honey is 9
She is a terrier
She is cheeky and mischievious
Her favourite place is her bed
I'd say she spends 80% of her time in her bed
One of her favourite things to do is to sneak down to my bedroom and roll on the bed
I got her in a dog shelter
She settled in here straight away and claimed her own chair on the first day
I love her

Lea is also 9
She was the runt of her litter
The day I brought her home she spent it hiding under a bush
She is nervous and cautious
She loves going in the car
Her favourite thing to do is to run on the beach

Honey and Lea have saved my life and my sanity many many times
When I can't find a reason to get out of bed
I get up for them
When I don't want to leave the house, I leave to walk them
They have enriched my life so much
And have brought so much happiness to this house
Here they are in all their glory.........


  1. I keep meaning to ask you about Lea. Do you pronounce her name Laya, Lee, or Leeya?

    Hugs to you and your pooches.

    1. Hey JJ,

      I actually pronounce it Leeya
      But other people sometimes pronounce it Laya

      Hugs to you too my dear x

  2. Your dogs are so beautiful and you look so happy with them *_*

  3. They're SO cute. Animals are so therapeutic. If it weren't for my dog Charlie, I don't think I'd still be here.


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