Monday, 24 February 2014

Obese: A year to save my life

Over the past couple of weeks I've been watching a documentary series called 'Obese: A year to save my life
Each episode follows a different super morbidly obese person as they try to lose weight and turn their lives around
I love to watch documentaries about eating disorders
But I also like to watch ones about people on the other end of the spectrum

In last nights episode we were introduced to Clare
She is 32 and from Liverpool
She is engaged to be married and has a 5 year old son called Nathan
Clare weighed in at 26 and a half stone
Standing at 5'7 that made her super morbidly obese

The show is presented by Jesse Pavelka
Jesse is a personal trainer who has a special interest to super obese people

Being so overweight was having a devastating effect on Clare's life
All the little things that we take for granted, she just couldn't do
She couldn't play with her young son
She struggled to be active
And every little thing, like taking a shower or tying her shoe laces was a huge effort
Clare was miserable
She couldn't stand to look at herself in the mirror and her weight was really getting her down
She confessed that on a bad day she could eat all day
Everything from a greasy fry in the morning
Endless take aways and chocolate bars
She just couldn't stop eating

Enter Jesse
He would be spending the next 10 months with Clare and gave her the goal of losing 10 stone in that time
He worked out a food plan for her
And suggested that she do 3-4 hours of exercise every day
All this on top of the hectic schedule she already had

Clare got off to a great start
And in the first 2 months she lost over 2 stone#
She had likened her love of food to that of an addict
She been sexually abused as a child and she explained that food became a great comfort to her
Jesse wanted her to find hew coping mechanism to deal with negative emotions

Clare worked so hard
She was fighting or her life
Although she did have a few setbacks, by month 10 she had met her target and managed to lose over 10 stone
She was like a different person
Inside and out
Her confidence and has soared
And all fat around her face had shrunk to reveal a very pretty girl
I hope she manages to keep up her good work

I'm interested in these types of shows as I feel like that could easily be me
I think that eating disorders and obesity are all on the same spectrum
When I am feeling down I can either go one of two ways
I can either turn to food or I can turn away from it
It scares me so much to think that that could be me one day
It terrifies me that I could lose control so much that pile on the pounds
I love my food
Yes, shock horror!
Girl with an eating disorder confesses to liking food
I love it so much that I can kind of understand how obese people find themsleves so out of control

A lot of my ED is about control
Although realistically I know that my ED is the one in control
If I am going through a bulimic phase I can eat a serious amount of food
O course it all ends up  in the toilet and I don't put on weight
But sometimes I wonder of I didn't purge would I pile on the piles too?
And that scares the be'Jesus out of  me!

I've always been an all or nothing type of person
There is no middle ground with me
I would love to be a bit more balanced
In all areas of my lie
But I find it very hard to find a happy medium

In my opinion you can become addicted to anything
Including food
Ok it may not have the threat of death or the chaos of alcoholism or drug addiction
But it is every bit as soul destroying
Every bit as damaging
Trust me, I know

Have you see this show?
What did you think?
Do you think that eating disorders and obesity are on the same spectrum?
I'd love to know...........

Friday, 21 February 2014

Blood is thicker than water?

As a rule I tend not to write about my family here on blogger
But after this week I feel I have to

As you know I live with my mother
It's just the two of us here
How ever during the week my mother works away
So she is gone from Monday/Tuesday until Thursday
A couple of years ago I was very ill so when my mother went away to work, my Dad came here to stay with me
My parents are separated so during the week they swap houses
It's sounds bizarre I know
So this week it was back to the usual routine and my Dad came down on Monday
Also my sister broke her leg the day I came home from hospital so we are all on call to help her

My Dad arrived down on Monday afternoon
When he came I was having tea with a couple of biscuits
When I was finished I went to the bathroom as we were heading out
I came out to the car and my Dad started having a go at me
'Why are you eating those biscuits when you are just going to purge them?'
He seemed incredibly angry
I immediately became defensive as I genuinely hadn't purged
We had a heated exchange in the garden
Then he grabbed my nose and twisted it so hard that I yelped
I was in shock
I felt like I had been hit
I just felt so hurt

The rest of the week was so hard
My Dad was constantly making smart and sarcastic comments about me and my illness
He kept saying that he was sick of looking at me and my sister
And putting me down all the time
He pretended that he was just joking
But really it was very hurtful
Everything I did was wrong
Everything I said he made fun of me
By the end of the week I was so drained and I couldn't wait for him to leave

My mother came home last night and I just broke down in tears
I had been holding it in all week
She was so upset
She made the point that this is my home and that kind of behaviour is totally unacceptable
My Dad obviously felt bad about his actions as he sent me a couple of texts saying he was sorry
He knows that he upset me
He just doesn't know how much

I get that he must be so frustrated with me
I get that he feels powerless and helpless
I get that I put them through the hassle of treatment yet again and nothing seems to have changed
But to lash out at me like that is just not ok
Grabbing my nose like that was completely out of order
My mother said that he has absolutely no right to lay a hand on me
And she is right

My Dad just seems so angry with me
I do understand that he has lived wit this for a long time and it must be so difficult to witness me slowly kill myself
But he needs to separate himself from the situation
He really has a lot of issues himself
Growing up he was an alcoholic but he would never admit to that
He stopped drinking a few years ago but his controlling behaviour hasn't changed at all
I just don't need this right now
I have enough on my plate just trying to get through the day without going insane
And treating me like this does not make me want to get well
It just sends me further in to my illness
It's pointless saying all this to him as he just doesn't listen
I'm thinking of asking Mary if I could have a session with my Dad
I hope it will help

Things are tough at the moment
I just don't know what to do with myself
I can't say that I am motivated to recover because that would be a lie
I am just trying to hold my ground and not get any worse
My weight is going down though
Along with my mood and my sanity
Sometimes I wish I was back in hospital
As hard as it was to be there, it was so lovely to be surrounded by people
I miss them

Overall my family is great
I have put them through hell over the last 10 years
I am blessed that they have stood my me all this time
But I think that I am in an unhealthy situation with my Dad
His life revolves around me and that's not good
I need space from him
I need him to step back and let me breathe
I love my family
I really do
But my Dad treating me like this is not helping at all
I need love and support and empathy
Not sarcasm and passive aggression and anger
There is enough hate in the world
My home is supposed to be a safe place
It's supposed to be the one place I can be me
I am starting to resent my father and I don't want to feel that way
I need his support
Not his judgement

What about you?
How are the people in your life about your eating disorder?
Are they understanding?
Are they angry?
Answers on a postcard please........

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Anybody out there?

is it just me or is the blogosphere gone very quiet?
I know that I myself have been quiet and haven't been around much
But it just seems so very quiet
Having been away for almost 3 months I logged on this morning to read some of my favourite blogs and a lot have either been removed or have gone private
Then I scroll down my blogroll and see that a lot of bloggers haven't posted for some months now
Some even up to a year
Where has everyone gone?
The Lovely Bones?
And Thindarella who I had become very close to seemed to just drop off the face of the earth!

I wonder what has happened to these girls
Did they get well?
Did they finally tell their EDs to fuck right off and live happily ever after?
Did they become tired of reading about so many girls endless plight?
Did they find a life beyond their ED and just don't blog anymore?
Did they become very ill?
Are they in hospital?
Did they die?
I wish I knew

Maybe there are a whole a host of new blogs out there that I don't know about?
I don't know
Part of me hope there isn't
I don't want to find new blogs of girls just starting out on this heartbreaking journey
I don't want anyone else to have to go through this
This nightmare

As for me
Well, I'm ok
I'm hanging in there

I just want to know who is still out there?
Who still reads this blog?
Anybody out there?

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Reality bites!!

It's been four days since I was discharged
Reality bites!
I'm finding it quite hard to settle in
I actually miss the hospital
I miss the girls
The support
The laughter
And the tears (there were plenty of those I can assure you!)

I am very much on my own here at home
In hospital I was surrounded by people all the time
I had always presumed that I was a bit of a hermit
That I was perfectly content with my own company
But being in treatment made me realise that I actually do like to be around people
I enjoyed the banter and the support everyone gave each other
I miss that
It's always the way that when I'm home I want to be in hospital
And when I'm in hospital, all I want is to go home
It's so nice to be around other people who get me
So refreshing not to have to put on a mask
Everyone was so honest and open and I loved that

I saw my doctor yesterday morning
He asked me how I had got on
I explained that I been discharged for failing to meet my weight targets
'What was the point of you being there then?' he asked
I tried to explain that I did try in treatment but struggled massively to allow myself to gain weight
I also told him how my doctor in hospital said that I am too reliant on my meds
And that is true
I depend on them so much to help me get through the day
He said we may look in to reducing the methadone at the end of the month
Let's hope he forgets about that one, wink wink!

I'm on quite a lot of meds now
The sick part of me is absolutely fine with this
But I know that I can't stay on them forever
My team in treatment were always telling that I don't need all these meds
That I can cope without them
They tell me that I need to have more faith in my abilities
It's true
I am afraid that without the meds and the ED I will just crumble
They used to say that I have come through heroin addiction
So I can come through this too

I had to think about how I stopped using
The simple answer is that I had just gotten to the point with drugs that I was either going to try recovery or disappear
So I made a deal with myself
I would give recovery a go for 6 months and if nothing changed then I would kill myself
It sounds a bit dramatic but it kept me going
Knowing I could always go back to the drug kept me going
And of course things did improve
I broke free from an opiate addiction and walked straight in to the arms of anorexia

For so long I have been depending on these behaviours
So now I know no other way
And the thought of losing this crutches is so scary

I have to be honest at this point
My heart is not in recovery at the moment
I can't pretend that I am in recovery because I am not
I'm struggling
I'm beaten and broken
I just can't seem to summon up the energy or the motivation to fight this thing
And I sure can't be going around telling everyone else what they should be doing when I can't even do it myself
For the first time in a long time I am quite worried about myself
I can feel the toll this thing is taking on my body and mind
And I have slipped back in to my behaviours so quickly
I have no fight left in me

So what now?
Now I try to maintain things so they don't spin out of control
I'm not weighing myself
I'm not getting sucked in to that cruel game
Not this time
I can't underestimate anorexia/bulimia
They would have you believe that you are doing well
Then like poisonous snake she winds her way around you
Tangling herself in your body and mind
She seeps poison in to your body until you are so weak you are her prisoner
She  takes no prisoners

Today I feel tired
Worn out
Drugged up

Tuesday, 11 February 2014


I'm home
I was discharged yesterday after failing to meet my weight target for the umpteenth time
I knew it was going to happen so I wasn't surprised
I actually managed to lose weight while in treatment
My weight is now the lowest it's been for a couple of years
Who does that?
Who goes in to treatment and manages to lose weight?
Me apparently

I have mixed feelings about being home
It's lovely to see my family and dogs
And it's such a relief to have the pressure to weight targets removed
But I am also afraid
Afraid that I will slip back in to the dreaded binging and purging
I just can't handle that
My mind can't handle it
And my body sure can't handle it

They told me in treatment that psychologically I have it
That I have good insight and awareness
I can talk the talk but unfortunately that doesn't translate in to action
Being in treatment is a double edged sword
Yes you have the benefit of support from all the other girls
Yes we can be a good influence on each other
But we can also be a bad influence on each other
We picked up each others habits
Sometimes it felt like a competition to be the thinnest and the sickest
Meal time were particularly tense
We had one eye on our food and the other eye on what everyone else was eating
It was hard
As much as I loved the other girls, sometimes it was just too much

Including the 7 weeks before Christmas, I was in treatment for 3 months
I spent a lot this time on bedrest so cabin fever had begun to set in
It was such a relief to get off the ward

'So what now?'
I hear you cry
The honest answer is that I don't know
My BMI has dropped to 15
My motivation and will to live is just not there today
The really sick part of me wants to see if I can drop to a BMI of 14
Then I will allow myself to gain weight
What a load of horse shit!
I know that the second I reach that BMI, there will be a short lived feeling of satisfaction
But then it will on to the next target
Anorexia is never satisfied
We never win this sick game that we play with her
We always lose

Please don't hang your happiness on a number on a scale
Not on your clothes being size zero
Not on  weighing the same as a child
Not on your bones protruding
Not on the attention you get for being so thin
There's more to life than just your ED
You are more than your ED