Sunday, 7 January 2018

January 2018

Hello friends
Apologies for the lack of posts in December
It was a tricky enough month
Which saw me have a few drinks 
And then promptly stopped when I realized it was becoming more than an occasional thing
Christmas came and went 
I had one small meltdown 
Which didn’t last long and I got over it fairly quickly 
Food wise 
I am doing ok
Got out of routine g over the holidays 
But am now back on track
I saw my doctor yesterday 
While I was in the waiting room
I met a woman who I have seen in about a year 
She said to me
‘Have I got the right person? Are you Ruth?’
I was like em yea it’s me
She went on to tell that I looked like I had had a face lift 
This is also the woman who when I last saw her jiggled my arms and commented on my weight gain
But look
I don’t let these things bother me
If I let every little thing bother me I wouldn’t get very far
But I guess it just goes to show
Now these comments don’t bother me 
Where as a couple of years ago
They would have sent me over the edge
I keep in touch with Mary
She often asks me to help out with different media talking from my own point of view 
At the end of the month
I am giving a talk in a nursing college 
Which is really exciting
My Mam is also speaking
After all it is a family affair...

In other news 
I am still horse riding 
And still loving it 
My instructor tells me we will start jumping soon
Which is what I’ve been waiting for 
I just can’t wait 
I’ve been waiting since last May 
And now it’s finally happening!
Up until last week
Things had been going great with Cocos owner 
We were talking 
And had a buddy in mind for Coco
It looked like it was really going to happen 
Until Wednesday 
When I rang him to tell him I had booked the farrier 
He verbally attacked
Told me I have my priorities all wrong 
And I should be getting a bridle for Coco before I do anything 
Told me I am full of ‘ buts and excuses’
And I need to look forward not back
The call ended with me telling him if he wanted a bridle to go and get one 
He promptly hung up on me
I was left stunned after the call
And became very upset
Cocos owner has often acted a bit odd
But this was another level
And it actually makes me think that he might be a bit unstable (Ha ha no pun intended)
That I should probably stay clear for a while  
So I haven’t seen Coco in a few days 
And am missing him a lot 
It’s not fair though 
I have put so much time and energy in to Coco
He has come such a long way 
But I have this complete asshole to contend with 
I’ve to consider whether it is worth it 
At the moment I don’t know 
One thing I do know is that he owes me a massive apology
I mean who does he think he is 
Not only to another person
But to the person who looks after your God damned pony!
I mean really...?
On the quiet I have been scoping out fields over in my area
Technically Coco belongs to the charity that rehomed him
So it might be a possibility to go through them
But we’ll see
I’m not rushing in to anything 

This Is my life these days 
It mostly consists of fields, dogs, horses and the rest 
I’ve never been happier 
Or more content 
I hope all of you are doing ok
If I’m not friends with you on FB
Send me an email and I’ll send you my name so we can become friends 
How was your Christmas??