Friday, 16 February 2018

This is the end...

Hello friends
I’m afraid that time has come 
Time to say goodbye 
I rarely check blogger now
And life is shooting forward so much so that I don’t have time to write 
I may come back 
I may start a new blog
I don’t know yet
What I do know is that thi blog 
That I started writing in 2012
Is no longer a necessity in my life
And blogger seems to be dead in the water anyway
I guess this is a good thing 
I no longer need the support of writing 
I used to write every day religiously 
About my ED
But EDs no longer interest me the way they used to
When I was unwell
I spent my days watching documentaries 
Reading books 
Following blogs 
All about EDs
Maybe I’ve grown up 
I don’t know 
But I have moved on
19 years later 
It time to say goodbye
Before I go 
I do wanted to say a massive thank you 
To you 
To each and every one of you 
For reading 
For commenting 
For supporting me
Being kind to me 
For your friendship and company
Your love and support
You were there when I was at my worst
And I will never forget you 
 I also want to wish you well in your life 
I wish nothing but health and happiness for you 
You deserve it
You are worth it
Don’t ever doubt that 
You have helped me more than you will ever know 
Thank you 
I love you 
I will miss you
For the last time
See you in the flip side....