Sunday, 2 September 2012

The weekend In Photos

My local beach

Copy Cat Banksy Artist In My Town

An Irish Persons Mantra!

My Old Ballet Shoes

You Can't beat a nice cup of tea with your ma!

Lea strutting her stuff on the beach

Lea running to attack Honey

Cooling off in a rock  pool

Quality time with my best girl

Quality time with my other best girl

Working hard!

Cup of tea and a smoke at the end of the day


  1. . . . Bun can I beat my Mum with a nice up of tea, or would that be a waste of tea? o.O


    Wow your beach looks nice and wild and free. I love beaches with few people on them :D The goggehs look like they had a blast. Do they have to get baths afterwards or are they ok with a sea-dip? Mono gets all sandy and stinky. Ick!

    Ooooh you did ballet? You've talked about dance before and how you miss it. Do you think you'll resume dancing one day?

    I hope you have an excellent Monday. Take care, love <3

  2. Ha Ha! Love the way you read that!

    The beach is busy in summer but now it'll be back to the way I like it, just me and my doggies.

    I hope to Peri, I really hope to go back to dancing some day,
    Here's hoping!

    Take care of you too x

  3. I enjoyed every picture. So calm and lively. So real.
    I envy you the beach. I have to drive four hours to mine. I love water. Not the swimming part. Just being near. Just watching. Or the rain.
    You have amazing life despite the sadO edO. Treasure it.

  4. Thank you Greta,

    Looking back on these pictures, I am blessed
    I so often forget this,

    Hope you are well x

  5. You look gorgeous, and your dog is so cute! I hope you're doing okay. If I miss it, happy birthday for this week. I hope you have something nice planned for the day?


    P.S, I think Blogger swallowed my comment on your Peter Pan Syndrome post, so that was the missing comment

    1. Thank you Bella for your well wishes,

      Oh, I was wondering where that went, no worries,

      Love x

  6. Love the pictures.
    I hope you're okay x


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