Friday, 27 September 2013

'Mental Patient'

 Recently the supermarket ASDA  launched their new Halloween costume entitled 'Mental Patient'
Although they have since withdrawn it, it should never have seen the light of day
If I had the energy I would write about how utterly offensive and wrong this is
How the stigma of mental health is still very much alive and kicking
How I know many many people who have mental health issues and not one if them brandishes a meat cleaver or walks around in blood spattered clothes
How absolutely outrageous it is that ASDA suggests that people with mental health issues are violent and dangerous

This is not the face of a person with mental health issues

This is the face of a person with mental health issues

Spot the difference........


  1. Hey Ruby I heard that news on the radio, and it was other super markets not just asda that was selling it! I was so angry, the stereotypes are awful. I felt so deeply hurt that somebody allowed it to get to the shelves of a super market, clearly there are so many misconceptions about mental health it's awful, the idea that we are dangerous, frightening and in humane really upsets me! Glad you blogged this, the story should be shared! Xxx

  2. Ruby you are beautiful xox

    Mental costumes are disgusting/ignorant/rude... I can't believe someone would come up with that idea!!!! Then a store or stores would sell them... unbelievable!!!

  3. I saw that earlier on Facebook. Absolutely disgusting. It reminds me of the 'sexy Anna Rexia' costume that caused similar controversy a couple of years back.
    And you my dear look absolutely stunning, as always.

    Love you. Thinking of you <3 xx

  4. Well that is a nauseating piece of shit.

    What the fuck did they do? Run a zombie into a mad scientist during a 'WORST DECISION EVER' naming moment?

    ASDA can go fuck themselves rectally with the clever. Brainless gits.

  5. This is one of my biggest issues. I live very close to an old mental hospital which was shut down in the 80s due to major patient abuse. The hospital is a beautiful building but was left to ruins. It was bought by a business man who is out to make money and he now hosts a haunted asylum for Halloween. I can't understand why people can't see how incredibly offensive this is. Former patients and their families, as well as former employees fought very hard to block this move but the haunted asylum still goes on. Ugh!

    Read more here and watch the documentary Suffer the Little Children. Heartbreaking.

  6. I agree. I worked for a Halloween store seasonally last year, and I always worked with costume because I was small and could climb the shelves (literally) the easiest to grab things 20 ft off the ground. One that always bothered me was the "Poca-hottie" costumes. I'm not native American, but part of my family is; and it's a huge stigma to dress up like a race. You know, instead of a Native American hero, like Pocahontas or something. But noooo - no one sees it that way.

  7. And what a beautiful face yours is <3


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