Sunday, 9 March 2014

The New Car!

I bought a new car this week
I say 'I' but I did have a little help financially
I also say 'new' as in it's new to me, not brand new
I had my old car for about 5 years
It was 15, yes 15 years old
Just about verging on being a banger
I can't complain about my old car though
It served me well and rarely gave me any trouble
But really it was the dogs car
They had completely taken it over
They absolutely love going in the car
The minute they hear the rattle of the car keys they're on their feet and ready to go
Lea is a big dog so she takes up most of the back seat
And Miss Honey has her own little place up in the back window

Old car, looking well at the grand ol' age of 15

I'm so excited about having a new car
It's all bright and shiny and I am so proud to drive it

The only thing is the new car is automatic
I have never driven an automatic before so I had lots of fun trying to get the hang of it
I nearly put my mother through the windscreen quite a few times!

I didn't want to put my dogs in the new car
My old car was destroyed on the inside with dogs hairs and sand and drool
So determined to keep the new car spic and span, I decided to put them in the boot as it is an open boot
Here's how that went....

First I tried to coax Lea in
She got totally confused and kept going over to the old car
Then I decided to lift Honey in it
Once she was in she got very territorial and growled at Lea when she tried to get in
Scratch that idea

I thought the jump in to the car was too high for her so I put a chair out for Lea
But she just got even more confused.....

Then I decided to get in to the boot in the hope that she would follow me in
That went well......

Scratch that idea too

Eventually Lea finally realised what I wanted her to do
She jumped from the ground straight in to the boot and over the back seat
Lea 1
Ruby 0

In the end the dogs got their way and sat in the back seat
Ah well there's always tomorrow........


  1. This post made me smile. Congrats on getting a new car. It's always fun. It's funny how we have all these plans to keep the car clean, but our dogs will always ruin that lol. Your pictures cracked me up. Your dogs were like "screw this" lol. Have fun in your new car.

  2. Dogs certainly have a mind of there own don't they Ruby... congratulations on the new car to you... have a great Sunday :)

  3. Congrats on the new car Ruby :) I got my license on a automatic car, so I can only drive automatic gear and I love it lol ^^

  4. Haha, I love it! Cheeky little things. The pictures are brilliant. Congrats on the new car. I still haven't learnt how to drive, eep. Hope you have a great week dear. You're in my thoughts <3 xx

  5. New car. If only... sigh... Mine is a 1995 so old is becoming an understatement. He (yes, I've named him) is just five years younger than I am! Oh to have a manual. Everything here is automatic. Your dogs are adorable. I'm sure they're going to love the new car. Yay for you and enjoy it! :D

  6. puppiieess, aw they're always so cute. I miss animals :/ congrats on the new car dear, i hope you get the hang of it

  7. Automatic cars are much easier to drive, especially on up-hill roads. The trade-off for that convenience is that it needs more maintenance, if not on par with manual cars. It'd be advisable to check up on it twice every month for optimal road performance. Stay safe on the road!

    Nannette Henriquez

  8. Automatics scare me 0.0 Dunno why, but they do.

    OMFG poor confused puppy! Ugh I swear she was just messing with you towards the end XD 'Time to screw with Ruby's head and see how many hoops I can make her jump through' Silly Lea!

    Congrats on the new car :D

    Love you Ruby <3

  9. Looks like that you’re not the only one that's still adjusting to the new car. It’s not surprising, as they're used to the old one. Well, as it has been with all of you for a good 15 years, it's really understandable. I hope the new one will be even better.

    Sarah Erwin @ Baldwin Subaru

  10. It made me smile how Lea did her trick on you. Haha! I bet they will get used to your new car soon. Anyway, I think it won’t take you long to adjust to driving your new car. Since it is automatic, it will be easy to learn. Most people find it harder to learn manual when you're used to automatic than the other way around. Anyways, drive safely!

    Alton Dunn @ Xtreme Motors


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