Saturday, 28 June 2014

Sans ED

My brother and his girlfriend are here for the weekend
I haven't seen them since Christmas so it really is a treat
They have both always been a massive support to me
All through the drug years
During my eating disorder
And every other little drama that happened in my life
They have been there
It's great that now they get to see in a better place
I wasn't very well the last time they saw me

We spent a lovely time yesterday at Mullaghmore beach
A good time was had by all
Including Honey and Lea
Sans ED

Here is some photographic evidence.......

Honey in the middle of doing a wee!

How do we get in?

What the?

Obligatory selfie

Lea made friends with an Irish Wolfhound called Saibh

She was enormous

She knocked me over

Why do dogs always sniff each others butts?

Cup of tea with Lea


  1. Oh, to live by the sea! It looks like you had a good day; I am glad :)

    1. I am so blessed that I get to see the sea every day
      And yes we had a lovely day x

  2. you're extraordinary. don't forget that.
    it sounds like a nice day, and i'm very glad ED was not invited.
    Lea and Honey know. they are adorable, but not as much as you. i love seeing these picture posts. a picture does say a thousand words after all.

    -Sam Lupin

    1. Awh thank you Sam
      You are right a picture does say a thousand words

      Hope you are well
      Going to catch up on your blog now x

  3. you are all so beautiful! humans just as well as dogs! and the landscape and sea - wish i could be there! thanks for sharing.

    emailed you


    1. Wish you could be here too Loulou
      And you are welcome any time x

  4. "new" follower, hehe, (just synchronizing)

    1. Thanks Lilly
      You are my 300th follower
      That is awesome! x

  5. Great pic´s
    And I also have very much respect for the comment from C, at your last blogpost. And your reply.

    1. You seem to have two C's commenting anonymously.
      I always sign off: C x
      I'll now sign off Cee x
      Sorry I haven't commented on your last few posts, I've been reading but I'm struggling a bit at the moment so words aren't coming so easily.
      Glad you're staying on the right track though Ruby, be proud of yourself and keep putting one foot in front of the other. You've just started your recovery journey :)
      Cee x

    2. Oh C, I thought that comment was from you
      That's good, I can tell you apart now

      I'm sorry you are struggling
      Are you ok?
      Please do email me if you want to
      Even just to vent
      I will always reply

      Do take care x

    3. I am the other "c"! Thanks cee for becoming c. Gosh this must be confusing for you Ruby to know which is which. I have emailed you a couple of times back before you went I to hospital. My email address (before the @) ends in 8. Does that help you identify me?! I saw your reply and thanks for taking it as it was intended. Take good care of yourself, you really do deserve to live rather than exist xx

  6. you're both brave....
    I am trying to blog in English.... pff..... lot to learn again ;-)

    1. Oh I will check out your blog so
      Would love to know more about you...... x

    2. It's nice to know more about eachother, I guess.

      Did you get to see the page with 'what my dog would say' from someone, by the way? It's really hilarious, and because you have Honey and Lea, you'll understand ;-)

  7. That beach is gorgeous and I love the cattle sign. It's great you were able to go out and have a good time. Being in a better place has definite benefits

  8. I absolutely love your dogs, they seem like absolute sweethearts. How old are they?
    I have two dogs of my own, though I dont really have them because when my father and I moved into different houses, he took them. And my dad and I don't communicate so well.. Haha.
    I absolutely love the cattle sign. Though we don't have beaches here, I doubt you would find a sign even similar to that one here... But for every new thing you learn, you get a wrinkle on your brain. Haha sorry, that is kinda odd... But I got a new wrinkle today, thanks to you. Sorry my comment is a little late, I have been living a crazy life right now. I will try to keep up with your posts because you are unique and I am (possibly) addicted to Blogger and the amazing souls you find here that you wouldn't think to find... There is nowhere to go but up, Ruby. I have faith in you! Xx


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