Wednesday, 25 June 2014

What's in your handbag?

To give us all a break from the heaviness that is our eating disorders
I thought I would write about something completely different
The contents of my hand bag
Sounds boring?
Well I never know what I am going to find in my handbag when I clean it out
I have found knives
The possibilities are endless
So I thought I would take you on a little tour today

Here's one of my many handbags

It's from River Island (Like a lot of my clothes and things)
It's a bag that you wear across the body
I like this kind of bag as you don't have to worry about it falling off
It's also the perfect size
Not too big and not too small

So let's have a little look inside

First up pens
Mucho pens
I always have loads of pens knocking around
As seen here.....

 My wallet of course
My very beat up pink wallet with a broken clasp
Note to self: Need to buy new wallet

 Lip gloss that I never use but always carry, just in case

 Dentist appointment card (Love my dentist, he is going to fix my horribly broken teeth)

 Headphones - absolutely essential, I would be lost without these

 Notebook - for jotting down thoughts so as not to forget them

Travel pass - Yes I do get free travel

 Make up - Again rarely used but always carried
Perfume - Love this

 Deodorant - Another essential, especially in the summer

 Back up notebook, in case something happens to the first one

 Phone - Which I can never find in my bag when it rings

 Cigarettes- An absolute must

Medication - Another absolute must

So that's the contents of my bag
I was wondering about you
What is in your handbag?
Is it similar to mine?


  1. I looove bags!

    I have three handbags and a backpack that I switch between at the moment.

    Sunglasses, umbrella, huge wallet, water bottle, pain killers, breath mints, sanitary pads, paper napkins, wet napkins, no make-up. I carry my MP3 player and phone in my pockets.

  2. I love that!

    Gosh yes, I usually have my sunglasses and napkins in my bag too
    Forget about those

    Thanks for this, really cool to know what people carry in their bags x

  3. I have such an odd mix in mine. I have my wallet which always has my birth control in it or I forget. Then I have a book of some kind, my cell phone charger, chapstick, and my Nintendo 3Ds because I'm a Pokemon nerd. Besides that, there's the random pen and work out list.

  4. I have this problem that if I get a small handbag I get annoyed at not being able to fit everything I want, but if I get a bigger one I just end up adding more and more stuff.
    Mine has the usual stuff lotion, lipbalm, hand sanitizer, sunscreen, deodorant
    wallet and checkbook
    Gum, mints, and these weird ginger candies that are excellent for nausea
    I have perfume and amber essential oil (also sort of perfume)
    Pen, pencil, an eraser my mom gave me but I never took out. A bunch of paperclips because I had a box of them that fell apart
    Then I have a ridiculous number of medications. Non-prescription : tylenol and benadryl. Prescription: gabapentin (supposed to help with the hand tremors), zofran (anti nausea), and librium (detox med which I'm probably not supposed to take)

  5. I am constantly switching bags depending on the day - if I'm at school, I bring a backpack with my computer and books. If I'm at work, just a small bag similar to yours. My essentials are: phone, wallet, keys, chapstick, hand lotion, sunglasses, gum, pens, ibuprofen, and a Clif bar.


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