Thursday, 29 January 2015

Go ahead, make my day!

As you know 
I love getting post
So I was delighted to get some very interesting looking post this afternoon
I recognised the senders address straight away
My beautiful Bella
I tore in to the wrapping
The first thing I came across was the lovely card
I had to giggle
Bella, you know me well
Then I saw all the chocolate
White chocolate, my favourite!
And there was more
A beautiful key ring with the word hope
That was sold on behalf of The Butterfly  Foundation
Which helps those suffering from eating disorders
Such a lovely thought
But there was still another package
I opened it to find the most beautiful blue apron
It is so pretty
And I am so delighted to have something made by Bella's fair hand

Thank you Bella
You are a absolute star
It never ceases to amaze me the kindness of the girls here in blogger
You blow me away
Again and again
Thank you


  1. Lots of love to you dear. Sorry it's a whole month late. I'm glad you like the card, it just screamed 'Ruby' at me!
    Of course I made the apron! I have so many sewing pictures to post now that my gifts are finally getting there.


  2. oh this is so beautiful! Bella is very talented and so kind!


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