Friday, 1 January 2016

Another year over.....

🎉We rang in the new year last night at home
There were 8 of us
We players board games 
And drank fizzy drinks out of champagne flutes 
When the clock striked 12
We all piled over to my neighbours house to wish her a happy new year
She said it had made her night 
I got to bed around 2am
And found it really hard to wake up this morning
I dragged my weary self out of bed
Made a cup of tea
And promptly fell back to sleep again on the couch 
I woke an hour later 
Still feeling extremely tired
But I put my coat and hat on
And headed out with Honey and Lea
I had been walking for about 5 minutes 
When I began feeling a little strange 
Like all blood had drained from my face
And I was going to throw up
I turned back straight away 
As I wasn't sure if I was going to pass out or not 
It took me forever to make it home 
Takings breaks
Stopping and starting 
But everything was difficult 
I couldn't get my breath 
My body felt like it was fighting against me
I arrived home finally 
My mother knew straight away something was wrong 
When I walked in and collapsed in to a chair 
I told her what had happened
She asked if I had pain
I didn't 
She made me tea and toast
And I took a hot water bottle in to the living room
Where I write this 

I have to admit 
I am worried 
That this is happening again
That my body is fighting against itself
Even if it's not quite pancreatitis 
It's still a sign that all is not well with my health  
Nothing about this is good

I'm going to leave it at that for now
I'm going to rest 
And try and take care of myself 
Until tomorrow....,


  1. Aw Rubs <3 My heart goes out to you, I'm so worried about you. Please rest well and lots of TLC for you. Thinking of you very much xxx

  2. I hope you're feeling better soon. <3


  3. i get this a lot too, feel better soon, i find dextrose tabs brilliant as a short term fix although not to say need to look after things. love millie xxx

    1. I haven't tried then Millie
      What do they do? X

    2. If you're feeling faint or ill as a result of low blood sugar, something with quick-digesting sugars (like glucose or dextrose) will help. You can often find them with diabetic supplies.

    3. Thanks Tempest
      Will check that out x

    4. they are only a quick fix but good to carry with you if you're out and about, take care, millie x

  4. VERY worried about you, Rubly!!!!! D:D:
    PLEASE be okay; you just HAVE to be, it's NOT an option-!!! :'(

    <3 + lotsa ((Huggles)); Jils

    PS: sent you a maile a few days ago, but it either didn't send or came out in Triplicate! :/

    1. I did get an email Jils
      But it was empty
      I just mailed you back now though
      Can you send it again? X

  5. This sounds like electrolyte imbalance Ruby. It is very bad for the heart. You need a blood test ASAP

    1. I think you are right
      Will speak to my doctor first thing Monday x

  6. Please see your doctor hun, thinking of you x


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