Thursday, 25 February 2016

'We never go out of style'

When it comes to clothes and shoes and accessories 
I like to think that I have my own little style going on
As you know
I am a hoody, jeans and trainers type of girl 
I am partial to a little skirt or dress from time to time 
 But most of the time 
I wear whatever feels right for that day
Comfort is the number one thing for me 
If I'm not comfortable in an item
I won't wear it
But these days 
It's a lot easier to be true to your own style and be comfortable 
I remember growing up in my teenage years 
Trying to find out what I was all about 
Who I was 
And how I fit in to the world amongst my peers 
I tried all sorts of styles 
Urban hippy 
But I never felt comfortable in any of them
Then of course came the drug years 
So clothes were not on my radar at all 
It was only when I got clean
That I began to express an interest in clothes and how I looked 
For the first time in my life
I began to care about how I presented myself to the world 
What sort of message I was conveying through my clothes and appearance 
I discovered that I liked the surfer look
Cool hoodies 
Boyfriend jeans 
And different types of trainers 
Even though I have never in my life even touched a surf board 
I still love the style 
It's laid back 
And above all

Foot wear is the same too
Comfort is paramount 
I a size 5 
Pretty average for my height 
I tend to wear mostly flats 
And only wear heels on a special occasion 
I love trainers 
Roxy being my favourite 
I also love Toms 
Which are little canvas slipons 
Great for the dry warm weather of summer 
I also love New Balance trainers 
Which are very popular at the moment 

The nearest good shopping town  to me is a couple of hours away
Our town has really sufferered as a result of the recession 
So many shops have closed down 
In some parts 
It's like a ghost town
Most of the time 
I do my shopping online 
As it's just so handy 
These days I can't afford many new clothes 
But I'm always on the look out for a good bargain

I'm not really a jewellery person 
But I do like silver 
And have a beautiful cameo pendant that my Dad gave me for my birthday one year
I used to wear a ring on every finger
Now I don't wear any 
Not even a watch 
I just don't like the feel of it
And I inevitably end up losing it also
I am not really in to perfume either 
I mean I like a nice scent 
But it's not something I would ever buy for myself 
I do like a pretty scarf 
But in regard to make up
I am hopeless with it
I don't wear it very often 
Mans when I do 
It is often applied badly 
It's something that I would love to learn more about 
To be able to make the most of my face 
Some people are great at that 
I however, am somewhat handicapped in that area
I am hating my hair at the moment 
I am thinking about dyeing it a nice chestnut brown 
Or else going for a really cropped blonde look
I just feel like something different 
A change 
To shake things up a bit

With all that said 
I was wondering about you
Are you a dedicated follower of fashion?
How would you describe your style?
What are your go to outfits?
What else do you do to enhance your appearance?
Inquiring minds want to know....


  1. My "I don't have energy today" (most days) look is boot cut jeans and a v-neck tee with sneakers. I think we use sneakers and trainers to mean the same thing?

    I really love a tank top plus fitted button-down shirt with a collar, with wide leg jeans or khakis, and sneakers. It feels a little girly or dressed up without a lot of effort.

    But I enjoy just about any type of style. I also have skinny jeans or leggings to go with a big fluffy sweater and knee high boots, a few dresses, and lots of soft stretchy leggings and pants that double as pajamas. I'm with you - it's all about comfort, and I dress for what suits my mood that day. I don't tend to accessorize. I have a few silver rings that I always wear, and I can't live without a watch, but if I add on anything else it's usually a simple silver chain. I like jewelry in theory, but I find it takes too much energy (and money) to fuss with it much.

    1. I like it Tempest
      And yes comfort above all else

      I'm like you
      In that I have different styles
      But I always go back to my staples
      Hoody sand jeans
      Oh yea we call them runners in this country
      But I know they call them trainers in the UK

      Good to hear from you my dear x

  2. I'd say my style is 'cute', and I have to be really ill to even contemplate wearing jeans! I mostly go for floral shirts, high-waisted skater skirts, pinafores with lace tops underneath, that kind of thing. I always try to match my earrings with my outfit too, and I never leave the house without make up on or my hair done. I never go out in underwear that isn't a matching set either! I've never worn trainers other than for sports, and mostly wear brogues. Occasionally I wear skinny jeans with knee-high boots, but only when teamed with a blazer. I also wear quite a bit of suede, and have a gorgeous pale pink dress and a patch-work style skirt, which both go nicely with thick tights and a trench coat thrown over the top.

    People have said that I am vein, but if it makes me happy that I look nice then I don't see a problem. I admit that I do spend quite a bit of money on clothes, and the make up that I buy is not the cheap stuff. But the way I see it is this: why save clothes for best, and why save looking nice only for special occasions? I wear my face every single day, so why not make an effort to do my make up? And what's the point of having nice clothes if they're only worn once a year? It's just false-economy. I have a hair dresser which I go to and yes, she charges slightly more and as a student I probably could get a better deal at a high-street chain, but I have to deal with my hair every day so why not spend just £10 more per cut and have the confidence that I love my hairstyle? Yes I spend a lot of money on clothes and appearance in general, but I do not go on holiday or spend a lot of time eating out. I make sure the essentials are paid for - bills, car, petrol - and then I spend the rest on me :)

    Louisa xxx

    1. I agree with you on that Louisa
      I used to keep my good clothes for special occasions
      But now I wear what I want when I want
      I kind of have two sets of clothes
      One set I wear in the house with my dogs
      And another set for our and about wear
      I would love to know more about make up and things
      I just don't know where to start!

      Hope you're doing well x

  3. I would expect there to be scented shampoos and conditioners that would make perfume unnecessary. For women who aren't into perfume.

  4. This is a difficult area for me because I really don't feel I'm worth making an effort for. It sounds dramatic but it's true, and always has been. Like Ruby, I have no idea how to put make up on, I have no idea what suits me and what doesn't, and when I do buy new things I just leave them in the wardrobe because I feel self conscious wearing them. I don't want to be noticed so I make as little effort as possible. And yet I still feel that people are staring at me. I have been like this for so long, I can't see it changing...... The only thing I will say is that I have a pretty smile...x

    1. I can relate
      I would love to be able to apply make up correctly
      I guess it's never too late to learn
      I'm glad you can identify something you like about yourself
      It's so important x

  5. Oh my, I feel as though I never know what I'm doing in the winter, which is the majority of my life... I know for sure that I am first and foremost a fitness girl. I've got yoga pants fire days and my tanks/tees/hoodies and four pairs of shoes for the gym. I suppose I would rather look good naked than be bothered with fashion if I'm being honest. Comfort is what is most important to me and I feel like the gym atmosphere is part of my identity.

    If we're actually going somewhere I had to look nice then I probably have three pairs of skinny jeans and boots, but I hate jeans. I love dresses and maxi skirts or a nice blazer. Overall I think I'm inclined towards being a hippie or "boho" with my style. I'm still trying to find what's right for me in my professional attire as that's a thing that's coming soon. I don't want to adult yet :'(.

    I don't wear underwear, I probably own four pairs right now. My hair is nice as is I guess since it's soft and straight but I've got the make up thing pretty well down and I love perfume. It's kind of weird because I'll have my fit clothes on but still do my makeup and hair. My accessories are my tattoos act piercings, but also my fitbit Ave sometimes a ring or two and my small tree pendant necklace. No pro dressing skills over here :P

    1. From what I've seen of you Eve
      You have great style
      Your own unique thing going on
      But hey
      You don't need make up
      You're pretty as just the way you are

      I just phoned up about getting my next piercing done
      So next Friday I'm gettin my labret done
      Super excited! X

  6. I like your style, at least what I've seen in your photos.

    I love playing with makeup, but I rarely where much myself. Just some mascara and a little powder to even out my skin (my face tends to go very red for no reason other than being Irish). I'd love to learn to do like special effects type makeup.

    Apparently someone at church has dubbed me "the goth cowgirl." I was unaware that I had a style, but I like the sound of that. I'm usually wearing cowboy boots and a lot of black, so I guess it is accurate.:)

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    Main blog is here:

  8. oh i thought piercer said it wouldn't be good please take care purging, L X


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