Thursday, 28 April 2016

X is for X Chromosome!

Shout out
And a big thank you to Julia
Who suggested X chromosome for the letter X
You are on the ball today Julia
Great suggestion
And it means I get to write about the women in my life

I am blessed to have some amazing and strong women in my life
I often write about my mother
And what a rock of support and love she is 
For a little woman
She is the strongest person I know
When she was my age 
She already had four children
Three girls and a boy 
She lived with an alcoholic husband up until the year 2001
Then three of her children developed addiction and mental health issues
She has been through the mill
And she did it with the grace and elegance that always surrounds her
In recovery 
I have become very close to my mother
And she never ceases to amaze me 
She is super smart
An avid reader
She can hold a conversation with the best of them
But she is humble with it
She doesn't judge
She doesn't discriminate
People are drawn to her
Like moths to a flame 
She leads a very active life 
Even though she is retired
She has many friends 
And is always doing something
And going somewhere
She has always supported me
As I have often said 
If love and support could have made me well
I would have recovered a long time ago
She has never given up on me 
And has gone to extreme lengths to help me over the years 
I moved back in with my mum ten years ago
And I love it 
I love spending time with her 
I love doing things with her
She is interesting and interested
If I grow up to be half the woman she is 
I will be doing pretty well

I also have two sisters 
Who like me
Struggle with life 
My sisters are also strong independent women 
And people I look up to 
They are super intelligent 
And bags of common sense
Something I struggle with
I am lucky to have such great sisters 

Then there are the professionals
As you know 
I started seeing Mary a few years ago
And have been seeing her on and off since then 
From the start
She has been a constant support
We clicked straight away
And she is so knowledgeable about EDs and life in general
I actually saw Mary earlier today
It was great to be able to tell her how well things are going 
She reminded me of the first time I met her 
And how far I have come
She regularly mentions the conference I spoke at
And the amazing feedback mine and my mothers speech got 
She brought up the subject of discharge 
I am nervous to let Mary go
So we decided I would see her once a month from now on
And see how we go from there 
This is good 
It's all good
I will miss Mary 
But I know I can ring her anytime 
And I know it's time to move on
To spread my wings and fly 

The other professional in my life is Breda
I started seeing Breda over a year ago 
After I relapsed
I liked her from the start
She is no nonsense 
On the ball
Full of good advice
I have seen many addiction counsellors over the years
And Breda is by far the best 
I see her about every three weeks
And even though I am now very much clean and sober 
It's no harm to keep going to see her

I love being a female 
A strong, recovering female 
And am surrounded by such brilliant women 
No offence to men 
But we are the movers and shakers of this world 
You've heard the saying 
Behind every great man
Is a great woman
I think this is so true 
I am proud
Proud to be a woman
And proud of the fellow women around me
And you 
My beautiful blogger family 
I know the vast majority of you are female 
And you have become part of my story 
You have been such a support to me over the years 
This blog has been a life line 
And I feel so blessed to have met some incredible women from all over the world 
We are strong 
We are independent 
We are learning 
And blossoming 
They say at the meetings 
That women should stick together 
And the men too
I agree with this 
As there is no agenda with a fellow woman 
Well I guess there could be
But most of the time there's not 
So this post is dedicated to you 
My blogger family 
And I don't write thdt flippantly 
You are like family to me 


  1. your mum is prob so proud of you I'm sure you more support to others than you think, love as always jo xx

    1. I hope so Jo
      I really do

      And love right back atcha x

    2. ps so much more to talk about re your posts but find so hard on here as know someone watches xx

    3. I know
      I understand
      Email me anytime x

  2. This post made me smile....I got warm fuzzies now. :)

  3. that was such a wonderful positive post - it made me smile,too! and thanks for the mention!

  4. I'm really glad Mary is going to stay in the picture a while longer.
    Your mother sounds wonderful :-) You make me wish I knew her.
    Here's to her daughter too :)


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