Saturday, 2 July 2016

Busy bee!

It's 2pm on a Saturday
I have just finished the morning shift at work
I worked yesterday's evening shift
And tomorrow I'm on all day
It's busy at work at the moment 
We have 53 guests staying 
Most of whom are children under 12
So the place needs a thorough and rigorous clean after each meal time 
The group that are staying with us this week are what we call travellers 
You may know them as gypsies 
Travellers in this country generally live in caravans 
On the road from place to place 
To be honest 
They have a bad name in this country 
But like any group of people 
It's a few bad eggs that ruin it for everyone 
So I was a bit worried how this week would go 
As you often hear of fights breaking out at traveller events like weddings and funerals
But I have to say 
The people are just lovely 
A pleasure to have staying with us 
The parents are great
The children are polite 
And they do their bit to help us stack the dirty dishes 
And throw left overs away 
Coming here is these peoples one and only holiday a year 
So I really try to make their experience a good one 
I try to be friendly and chatty 
TAlk to the kids 
And generally make them feel very welcome 
One family brought a dog with them 
But they aren't allowed bring it to their room 
So the dog is staying in the car 
I did see the man sneaking in something under his jacket this morning 
I turned a blind eye 
I would not like to have the poor dog cooped up in the car for days

In general 
I think work is going well
It's busy 
It's hard work 
But I feel like I am thriving 
I can feel my confidence growing every day 
Even just talking to people 
So many different people every day 
Helps my self esteem 
And how sure I am of myself 
I can remember just a month ago 
Before I started
I was so nervous 
Afraid I wouldn't be able to do the job 
And that it wouldn't work out 
Here I am 
Four weeks later 
And I know what I am doing 
I feel confident and sure about my work 
And meeting new people 
Who are now friends is amazing 
Myself and Sinead are in constant contact 
I really think we are going to be good friends 
Even though she is almost half my age 
We get on like a house on fire
And the rest of the staff are just lovely 
So willing to help 
And to explain anything that needs sorting 
My Mam keeps telling me that I am lucky to have found this job
She is not wrong 
It's perfect for easing me back in to work 
I'm so busy that the time flies by 
I eat my breakfast and lunch in work 
Which is a revelation in itself 
I'm loving being more independent 
Being my own person 
And also being more financially flush 
I can contribute more to the house and bills 
I can treat the dogs 
And myself
It has all worked out remarkably well

I feel like I am somewhat abandoning my blog lately 
I just don't have time most days to blog 
And often don't have anything to blog about other than work 
I guess I am blogging 2-3 times a week now 
As opposed to the 7 days a week I used to write 
I'm also aware that my blog is becoming less and less about my ED and addiction
And more about life matter them
That is great 
And I'm loving where I am now in my life 
But I feel I might be losing readers 
But also 
I feel like I am pulling away from blogs that may trigger me 
And now I guess I don't have as much in common anymore with certain blogs
I can clearly remember writing here once 
That it was a sad fact that my virtual life was more active than my real life 
Well that has most definitely changed 
Now I am out and about in the big bad world 
Meeting people 
Trying new things 
And loving it!
As I always say 
It's baby steps 
As baby steps soon add up to be geat strides 

So yes 
I am in a good place 
How wonderful it is to be able to say that 
Things just seem to be falling in to place for me 
At long last 
I turn 35 this year 
And I feel like I am just starting to figure life out 
Heck, I am still pretty clueless 
But it's fun trying things out 
And finding out what works 
I know that a lot of you are struggling out there 
I am aware that some people are hanging on by their finger tips 
I just want you to know 
That recovery is possible 
That there is life after ED and addiction m
The odds were stacked against me 
I was a heroin addict 
With a chronic eating disorder 
It took me a while 
But I've made it out the other side 
And am now living my life without these illness taking over 
I can't lie 
It's not easy 
I still struggle 
Still purge from time to time 
Undereat from time to time 
But the point is 
That I don't let these things pull me down 
It's about progress 
Not perfection 
Perfection is a myth 
And we need to give ourselves a break 
And feel good about all the positive changes we have made 
So please 
Whatever you do 
Don't give up 

I'm off for a cuppa 
See you on the next post...


  1. I'm so proud of you for taking such a big leap with this job- and so pleased that it is working out for you (or more that you are making it work for you!). As for your blog, there's something inspiring knowing that someone is posting less because real life is happening- you deserve this happiness in real life- keep on keeping on- one day at a time!

    1. Aw thanks my lovely
      For your kind words and well wishes
      I hope you are doing ok
      I need to take a wander over to WP one of these days.... X

  2. I used to envy the tinkers soooooooooooo much when I was a kid, but of course I always kept that so myself because my family all said to stay away from them. I just love the idea of always traveling, and being able to pack up your house and go somewhere else whenever the fancy takes you.

    Don't fret over not having as much time for blogging as you used to. Your regular devoted readers will still be here to read whatever your post, no matter how much time passes between posts. This job is obviously doing you a world of good.


    1. Ha!
      I haven't heard that word in years!
      We also call the knackers
      But that's a terrible word
      These people staying are settled travellers I think
      They don't have that traveller look
      And they seem lovely
      God that sounds bad
      But it's the truth

      I know you and the usual suspects will stick around
      And I'm grateful for that
      You are a star Mich x

  3. I like this post. Happy Ruby.

    1. Aw thanks EM
      And good to hear from you x

  4. life sounds good! big smiley face (can't do one on here) xx jo

  5. I just want to say "woo hoo!". I'm so happy for you, with all the progress you've made and all the positive things you have filling your life. After reading your blog since the start, it's so inspiring to see how far you've come, even if there's been ups and downs along the road.

    I love the guy sneaking in his pup under his jacket. I think I'd do the same! Bill would be howling down the neighborhood otherwise.


    1. Aw thanks Bella
      That means a lot
      I know
      We are now part of each other's stories
      And that is so very special

      I know right?
      The poor dog
      Although I'd say my two would love to sleep in the car
      They love it! X

  6. That's so wonderful to hear ! I'm so glad that you're feeling confident at your job - thats such an important thing.

    Its so inspiring to see you come out the other side. You're one of the people who inspired mr to start my own blog.

    Best of luck with everything!

    1. Thank you Nigi
      I appreciate your kind words

      Hope you are well too x


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