Thursday, 16 March 2017

5 Years on...

Next month
I celebrate 5 years blogging
It's hard to believe 
So much has happened in those years 
And every bit of it documented 
It's been an emotional roller coaster 
So many ups and downs
Highs and lows 
Recovery and relapse
In to treatment 
Trying to recover from home 
Addiction issues 
My dogs
And my life now 
Where I am quite happy and content 
I hate to write this 
And part of me is really fighting this 
But I think my blog is coming to a natural end 
For many reasons
Blogger seems very dead
There is no buzz about it the way there used to be
 I'm now using Facebook more 
And my own Facebook page 
I don't use blogger half as much as I used to
So I think it's time to slip away quietly 
Of course this is not goodbye
I will still keep in touch with you all
That is not chsnging
But I will no longer be updating here 
Life is shooting forward at light speed 
And I can barely keep up
A lot of times I don't have the time to sit down and write a lengthy post
Things with my ED have also moved on
I don't restrict 
Purging is a rarity
I don't weigh myself 
I don't deny myself food 
My ED I'd gradually becoming part of my past 
Not my present 
So I just wanted to take this opportunity 
To thank you all
For your comments 
Your kindness
Your thoughtful words
Your patience 
Thank you for being there 
For reading 
For listening 
For gently guiding me 
For never giving up on me 
For believing in me 
Thank you for becoming part of my story 
For loving  me even though I hated myself 
Thank you for your advice 
Your wise words and sage suggestions 
For being a good friend 
For telling me what I needed to hear rather than what I wanted to hear 
Thank you for taking my story in to your hearts 
For sending me love from the four corners of the world 
Thank you for letting me cry 
For making me laugh
For allowing me to be myself 
For accepting me
For being the voice of reason
Thank you for reminding me that I am unique 
That I am lovable 
And that I am not a bad person
Thank you for never giving up on me 
For providing a safe place for me to fall
For forming a supportive community of ED sufferers 
You girls saved my life and my sanity over and over again
Thank you 
I love you 
I will never forget you

If you want to stay in touch 
Please email me
We can Facebook or whatever suits you



  1. Well, I think getting past the ED is a lot more important than blogging. It seems like you really enjoy the horses, so I hope you stick with that in some way.

    Good luck to you.

  2. You were always going to be fine - full of potential x

  3. I'll miss you, although I am so very happy for you. still Facebook is so middle-aged dull. have you got instagram? <3

  4. I'm so glad to hear this, and you have no idea how hard I'm smiling right now. I'll miss you lots love <3 all the best (my facebook is at Christabel Rose if you want to add me, but I'm afraid I do post some sort of trash every two/three days)


  5. Hopefully you have a fulfilling life full of love. Thank you for sharing your story with us. Take care and God bless. Jesus loves you!

  6. I am very happy for you Ruby and I am following your Facebook page... I am glad I will be able to stay in contact with you xox

  7. Five years! Dear god. Time flies, doesn't it?

    I'll miss your posts. You were one of the first people I met on here, and it won't be the same without you. I know we'll still stay in touch, but it will definitely leave a hole in the blogosphere for me. I'm just glad that you've reached a point where your life is so full of positive things.

    Love you <3


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