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Sunday, 27 December 2015

Christmas Photos

Every year at Christmas
We do secret Santa
So everyone buys for someone 
And there is a limit of €50
I was buying for sister no 1 this year
I got her some really good body lotion
And moisturiser 
My Dad was buying for me 
He got me an apron with dogs on
A diary with dogs on
Some soap and socks from Avoca
Those of which you can see below in the photos 

In other news 
I have neither lost or gained weight over the holidays 
I Am weighing 
But it's to make sure I don't slip in to the underweight category more than anything else
My Dad told me that if I lose anymore weight
He will be really angry with me
I kniw that I am just on the verge of a very bad relapse 
And am doing my best to not let that happen