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Saturday, 26 December 2015

St. Stephens Day

Its  the day after Christmas Day here in Ireland
Some of you may know it as Boxing Day
Or the day after the night before
We are all having a chilled day here
After the hustle and bustle of yesterday 
I was the first one up Christmas morning 
I got the dogs out of bed
Let them outside 
And went to wake up the rest 
Mum was up next 
So we opened our presents 
I got some lovely gifts
Avoca soap and socks 
An apron with dogs on
And a diary also with dogs on
My family know me well
After the present opening
My mum and I went to 9 30am mass
Which I slept through 
But what I did hear of it was lovely 
Then we came home 
And the rest of the family emerged 
The dogs werent forgotten either
And in total got three stockings between them with toys and treats 

Dinner was a joint effort 
Although my sister really did most of it 
And what a delicious meal it was 
Turkey and ham
Roast potatoes as well as boiled
Carrot and parsnip mash
And of course Brussels sprouts
Christmas dinner would not be the same without them 
I did my best with dinner 
And ate a small plate
I did purge though 
I have to be honest about that
For dessert 
We had the most delicious apple crumble with cinnamon
With lashings of custard
Absolute heaven in a bowl...

Dinner was lovely 
It was just the six of us
Low key and quiet
Just the way that I like it
No fuss 
No drama 
No alcohol
No fighting 
Just me and my family
And of course Honey and Lea
Who also had a Christmas dinner 
We had a lovely meal
We tAlked 
We all got on
All made the effort to be sociable
Even though we might not all agree about everything 
We all put our differences aside 
And shared a lovely meal together 

Today is a quiet day 
My dad and I brought Lea for a walk this morning :
Honey elected to stay in bed 
I dont blame her though
Today I am feeling very grateful
To have a roof over my head
Food in the fridge
Clothes on my back
They say that happiness is not having what you want
It's wanting what you have 

I hope you had a lovely peaceful Christmas 
I hope you enjoyed it 
Rather than endured it🎇