Friday, 21 June 2013


My life is pretty much ruled by numbers so I thought I would do a post dedicated to them
Are you like me?
Do numbers feature heavily in your life?
Answers on a postcard please.......

43:  Weight in Kilos

81/50:  Blood pressure today

77: Pulse

8:  Cups of tea I drink every day

30:  Number of mls of methadone I take every day

7.5:  Number of mgs of olanzapine I take every day

15:  Number of mgs of mirtazapine I take every day

60:  Number of minutes I walked with my dogs today

9.67:  Price of my groceries today

3:  Number of times I purged today

12:  Number of cigarettes I've smoked

40:  Cost of the dress in euros I wore today

2:  Number of enemas used today

4:  Number of appointments I had this week

16:  BMI

7:  Amount of kilos I've lost in the last 3 months

2: Number of naps I've had today

8:  Number of hours I slept last night


  1. Gosh yes!

    I cant remember the last time I picked up a new brand of food or drink and didn't check the number of calories. Exact numbers too, not a range.

    I remember my bmi like it's burned on my brain.

    I have EXACT times to do things in my daily routine.

    I have set numbers of chewing gum I'm allowed per day.

    I know the calories in everything, even in things I'll never touch like jam doughnuts and battered sausages!


  2. 3 times you purged is lower than usual, right? If so, then congrats, and I hope you can keep the numbers down.
    And holy crap, 7 kilos in 3 months... It hadn't really hit me until now just how much you were losing. I pray you're safe my dear.
    I have to say, you are an astonishing photographer, Ruby. Every picture I've seen that you have taken is breathtaking. I love the light frames you in this one.

  3. Congrats for 8 hours of sleep!!!

  4. As much as I hate math, numbers rule me too. Daily weight, calorie deficit at the end of the day, hours I have to work, minutes until i can go home, hours of precious alone time, bills, rent, stitches to cast on, number of rows, a billion pixel-pony related ones as well. (Spent 2mil of imaginary money on pixel ponies. WTF is wrong with me?)

    Love you Ruby <3

  5. I am ruled by numbers too... how many minutes did I walk, how many calories in each item I eat, how much weight did I lose with the challenge we have at work... on and on...

    I am trying not to let the number of anything rule me... this is not easy though...

    You inspire with your honestly Ruby... I want to be as open as you are soon... I am 22 days in and I am loving the changes, thank you girl:)

  6. I'm ruled by numbers as well. Weight. BMI. Blood pressure. Pulse. Calories. Mls of fluids. Grams of foods. Doing things at specific times. Doing things a specific number of times. It drives me completely to despair sometimes, so much so that it was actually a relief to go into hospital where I could have a break. But even then I was trying to calculate calories, could see the numbers when I had my blood pressure done, could see the numbers when I got weighed. Numbers, numbers, numbers. And it doesn't help that I hate mathematics!!

    THis was a really interesting post Ruby! Thanks for sharing. You're such a genius!! XXXX

  7. Hello you, this was great but I really hope you are okay :(
    I know you like your documentaries, have you spotted "Don't call me crazy" on iplayer, BB3, yet? about teenagers on a NHS mental health unit. The first ones about a girl who selfharms and has an ED. I think its quite eye opening, especially because I didn't think she seemed thaaattttt bad, yet shes inpatient, might hit home how marys is thinking about you and give yuo motivation to keep going if you are struggling little flower xxxx

  8. It is amazing how some numbers stay in your head and others you just can never remember. I always take a xanax and birth control pill after work, my alarm goes off at 8:35 am to remind me but I almost always take it right before the alarm. I have a set amount of pages I put in a chart at work and ofcourse my way is the right way so I train new people to do it my way. Numbers. Don't we all have our safe numbers?


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