Friday, 26 July 2013

Tea or Coffee?

As well as having disordered eating, I think I may have disordered drinking
Like my food habits, my drinking habits are far from normal
And like my ED, my liquid intake is either too much or not enough
All or nothing
If I am restricting I tend to restrict fluids aswell
Or if I'm going through a bulimic phase, I tend to drink an awful lot
Like my eating I find it hard to strike a balance
I am a self confessed tea addict
The first thing I do every morning (after I weigh myself) is put the kettle on
My breakfast always consists of a big cup of tea and a cigarette
In fact I probably need 2-3 cups of tea before I can function
I don't like coffee and never have
I like the smell of it though and I like the idea of it

I only use Barry's tea
None of your fancy stuff for me thank you very much
Making tea is like a ritual
I boil the kettle
Get my cup ready
One tea bag, 3 sweeteners and a dash of low fat milk
I don't like it too strong or too weak
Somewhere in the middle is just perfect
I like to make my own tea
It's never the same when someone else makes it
I'm afraid to count the number of cups of tea I have in one day
I estimate between 10-15 cups
I love to have a cup of tea with a cigarette
My idea of heaven

The reason I'm writing about tea is that at the end of this month myself and my mother and my aunt are going for afternoon tea in a posh hotel in Dublin
It's a birthday treat from my sister
I am so looking forward to it
I've always wanted to go for afternoon tea in a spectacular place
The hotel we're going to is The Shelbourne
That's where Michelle Obama and her children stayed when they were here
In case you don't know what afternoon tea is let me explain
It's basically drinking tea and eating miniature sandwiches and cakes
It's really more about the experience
The location
The service
The ambience
It's quite expensive too at 55 euros per person

Now my dilemma is what to wear?
It's summer so I'm thinking a nice tea dress with a little cardigan
I want to look smart but casual so I think a dress will do nicely
I saw a lovely one in town which I think I will get next week
Trying on clothes today was interesting
I saw a lovely pair of trousers but even the smallest size was way too big
I actually felt annoyed at myself for not fitting in to them
When I saw Mary on Tuesday I had lost another kilo
I did buy a lovely oatmeal coloured cardigan though so at least I got something
Do you know what drives me to despair?
The way that different clothes shops having different sizes
For example a size 6 in one shop could be a size 10 in another shop
It's confusing and annoying and the shops should have all their sizes the same
It can't be that difficult an it would save time trying on various different sizes

What about you?
Are you a tea or coffee drinker?
Are you like me and have disordered drinking too?


  1. I like tea a lot but my go to is coffee. I can't wake up fully without a cup or two. Usually I buy the sugar free caramel syrup from Walmart you can add to it. Because of my ED I learned to like it black but now and then I need some sweetener. I like iced tea a lot in the summer and my favorite is probably black tea. It's all good. :)
    I feel like I'm good about drinking water and eating breakfast when I'm restricting still. It's important to not trash your metabolism even more and water does a ton of good things. Make sure you're staying hydrsted , especially since you said it's been hot dear. :)

  2. Coffee, all the way. Tea is nice when I'm sick, smoking, need to sleep, etc, but coffee. At school I probably have about...4-5 20 oz cups of coffee a day. Then I was having sleeping problems and all, so I tried to cut back to 2 a day. I just love the taste and ritual of it, like you said. Put water in the pot, put the filter in, put in however many scoops based on how much I'm making (I usually have 2 cups every morning), turn it on, wait until that smell fills the kitchen. I take mine with just the right amount of half and half, no sugar, but I can't do it black. I like it creamy and bitter lol. In the south, we have sweet tea, which is basically very strong black tea+lots of sugar+lot's of ice to make it cold=sweet tea. I've been making that since I was 8, so that's where I drink a lot of my tea lol. Chai tea is always a favorite, as well as flavored green teas. Peach green tea, or any iced tea is a must.

    I'm not very certain about my liquids, but I drink a LOT of water. If you have a normal pint glass, I will drink about 7-8, sometimes more of those a day. I used to chug water before I ate to feel fuller, but I guess excessive water is something.

  3. I drink coffee like it's my job. Is the tea you drink caffeinated? I find myself in trouble frequently for consuming too much caffeine, and especially with our unhealthy diets, it can be dangerous. 10-15 cups a day is quite a bit! My drinking habits are definitely just as unhealthy as my eating habits. I can go days without water. I know it's necessary for my body and it would even help with my weight, but I just cannot stand to drink it. I try to force down 2 liters 3 days a week but I have a hard time keeping it up. I imagine that my water issue is somehow related to my ED, but I am not quite sure how.

    Enjoy dress shopping and do post a picture of your tea date! It sounds lovely, I wish there were places like that in Long Island! We had one little tea shop but it was overpriced and had a very limited selection. Hope you have a wonderful time :)

  4. I am not a fan of either tea or coffee, I should drink more tea in the winter time. In the summer I don't really care for a hot beverage first thing in the morning.

    55 euros for tea sounds outrageous I'd be there the whole day getting my monies worth.

  5. from last two days i was thinking that i m having way too much tea.. may b i shud control it..nw coincidentally i read yr post :). i Love tea.i like drinking sweet nd hot milky tea( preferably made by me) and discovering new music.

    my idea of perfect alone time= tea+indie rock or tea+books on philosophy :)

  6. I have funny habits with fluids too. I either drink none, or I drink 3-5L a day. I'm a coffee girl at heart, though I do own an impressive collection of herbal teas. I make mine with 2.2g of dark roast coffee and 25 drops of liquid stevia, and it has to be in my mug. At the moment I easily drink 4-5 liters a day, though it's nearly all coffee and coke zero, not much actual water. I practically live on caffeine. I'm pretty sure I won't drink as much after I quit smoking, but oh well.

    I love the sound of afternoon tea; I think we call it high tea down here. I'm definitely an 'experience' person with food. I've always loved going out for dinner, or to a fancy cafe, and it's much more about the ambience and experience than the food.

    Good luck finding an outfit, I'm sure you'll look gorgeous no matter what.
    Love you Ruby. Take care of you *hugs*

  7. When I was drinking anything other than water, I drank tea... only at work... regular tea with a couple sugar and lots of cream... I have since given this up... when I was drinking it, I usually drank 3-4 cups per day but they had 2 tea bags per cup... I loved it strong.

    I too only like tea... coffee was never something I ever desired...

  8. Oh sweetie, how I've missed you so. It was so nice to read your blog. You remind me so much of myself. Especially with the restricting food and drinks or bulimia and drinking a lot.

  9. I am coffee all the way! And I'm super snobby about it, usually only drink Starbucks and can't even stomach the cheap stuff anymore. I'm also weird in that I can't drink it iced, even when its 100 degrees outside I still get hot coffee.

  10. I am drinking my starbucks via coffee as we chat. I like the darkness, the rich liquid flowing over my tongue. I am a tea granny too though. Throughout the day I make random different cups of herbal tea. Licorice, chamomile, mint, labrador….

    Good post friend!

  11. 10-15 cups sounds like a lot but I know how easy it is to get up there. I don't really like tea or coffee, but I guess if I had to pick one it would be tea. My drink problem is with diet soda. Tea is good in the winter though, when it's cold outside.
    I hope you have fun drinking posh tea!! It sounds like a cool outing.

  12. Tea, always tea. I have green tea or fruit/herbal teas unsweetened with no milk. Every morning I boil the kettle and make myself two cups. My bf thinks it's weird because it looks like I'm making tea for two people.
    I hope you have fun at the afternoon tea :)
    Alice xx

  13. I mostly do tea because it keeps you hydrated where coffee dehydrates you

    but if coffee is a must I always drink tea all day after

  14. In the units I've been in I've always been the only one who kept milk in their drinks :/. When I was v.ill but higher weight (early days) then I drank black coffee, then as I got worse weirdly I returned to milk.

    I dont have half as much milk as I would without an ED though :(. I love lattes and hot chocolate really. And tea if it is ridiculously sweet and milky.

    At the moment I Don't drink any hot drinks except my daily starbucks xxxxdry soy cappuccino, my treat :).

    My fluid intake is pretty much Pepsi max to the max haha. Seriously I get through a big bottle of it every 2 days :o

  15. Coffee all the way! I love coffee mmmmm, a double espresso is my favourite! I can't stand tea, the smell makes me feel nauseated. I do like some herbal teas and most fruit teas though. I just had some camomile and spiced apple tea, and I love lemon and ginger too.

    I would say that my drinking is pretty disordered. I restrict sometimes to like 500mls a day, often less than that. But when I need to purge, I drink loads because it makes it easier.

    Your afternoon tea sounds absolutely wonderful. I have plans with a friend, when I am better, we are going to go for a nice afternoon tea like yours (but probably not as posh!!) I can't wait to hear all about it and to see your new dress!

    Much love x

  16. I was a heavy coffee drinker. I couldn't start the day without a sip of my beloved caffeine. Some of my friends then introduced me to tea and suggested it to be a good substitute for coffee. Turns out they were right, and since then, I have been searching for that perfect flavor to satisfy these taste buds of mine. I believe you can never have too much tea because it has a lot of benefits that are undeniably good for the health.

    Kevin Walls @ Tea Life

  17. Different kinds of tea and coffee now make me confused in restaurants. I don't know which one to order. That is pretty hilarious to me that I ask waiter to bring one cup of "decent coffee" for me. He smiles...

    Finn Felton


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