Saturday, 17 August 2013

Achill Island

My family and I are in Achill Island for the week
Achill is an island off the west coast of Ireland
We are renting a holiday home and I thought I'd be allowed bring the dogs but it turns out that we can't
So my first job this morning was dropping the dogs off at the kennels
I hate leaving them but the kennels are amazing and the owners are so nice to them so that eases my mind a bit
After that we piled all our things in to my father's car and we set off for the wild west

3 hours later and we arrive in Achill Sound, the village where we are staying
We find our house and got settled in
Fast forward 2 hours and the parental unit are already driving me nuts
Note to self: Going in holiday with parents that are separated might not be such a good idea
Thank God my sister and nephew are coming tomorrow
We got off to a great start when my father inadvertently stole the neighbours deck chairs and set them up outside our house
In fairness though, he thought they were ours (that's his story and he's sticking to it)
Next task, figure out how the tv works
Question: How many people does it take to tune in a tv?
Answer: 2. One to try her best and the other to tell her how she should be doing it

We then went food shopping which is a minefield in itself
As ever food is a problem
The first thing I did when I came in to house was check the bathroom situation
My room has it's own bathroom so that is going to be tricky
Good for bulimia
Bad for Ruby
So far today has been purge free and I'm going to try and keep it that way
I had a 1kg gain the other day and I'm trying hard not to let it completely mess me up
I'll have no scales for a full week here (and yes I did consider bringing them but decided against it)
Unfortunately my going on holiday does not mean that my ED takes her own holiday
Oh no
Even though I told her she was not welcome here, she decided to tag along anyway
An unwelcome guest
And I know that she will do her best to ruin this week for me
She will be there, whispering in my ear
Telling me I'm fat and ugly and worthless
There is nothing I can do about that
It is what it is
I just have to be strong and do the right thing

Anyway it's the end of the day
We made it here in one piece and without killing each other
The tv is fixed
The deck chairs are back in their rightful place
Everyone is fed and watered
All is well

For now......

Our little house for the week

The parental unit

My room

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I was wondering about you?
If you went on holiday this summer how did you manage?
Have you any tips or advice for me for the coming week?


  1. That house is cute! It's too bad you couldn't bring your dogs. :( Whenever I go away I always miss my animals so much.
    I went to Mexico this summer and had an okay time with food. I was on a resort, as opposed to in a small house, but still food was everywhere and problematic as always. I just tried very hard to keep myself busy. My problem is starving rather than binge/purge but it can still be iffy. Buffets are hellish. If I couldn't keep my body busy, I would try to keep my mind busy. Create sudoku puzzles in my head, look at random objects and spell their names backwards... random stuff. I hope your holiday is great!
    Kate from USA

    1. Thanks Katie
      You are right, keeping busy definitely helps
      The Devil makes work for idle hands and all that

      Thanks for your comment x

  2. I didn't go on holidays but my oldest daughter came here for holidays, I felt it best she stay with her father and not me... I love her a great deal but we do not get along well in the same city, let alone the same house... I hope your holidays go well Ruby:)

    1. Thanks Launna for your continued support

      Hope you're doing ok x

  3. Holidays are always difficult for me, I couldn't go with my parents anymore because of the emotional trigger I felt it presented. I.e. my mum trying to make me eat more, me then giving in to appease her resulting in b/p. if I go with friends it can still be difficult but perhaps easier. A week away from the scales can be a good thing, but I also know it to create excessive anxiety, we'll do e for taking the leap Ruby! Xxx

    1. It is tough being around family on holidays and can be massively triggering
      I'm trying to do what I want to do and nit worry about everyone else and not be a people pleaser
      It's hard but I'm trying

      Yes, no scale can be so freeing
      No pressure
      No back lash
      Peace of mind x

  4. I thin caring for other people's pets and family members must be some of the most stressful jobs. If you do even one thing wrong or have an off day it ruins the client's opinion of you and they won't trust you again.
    Tell your ED that she is not invited!! You told her once and you say she came along- well take every opportunity to tell her to get out and go home. Tell her she's not welcome on your vacation. She's not welcome in your hotel room. She's not to follow you into the bathroom. She's not to wait outside and stalk you when you leave the hotel. It helped me a lot when I was in Belize. I didn't eat very well but I can certainly say I didn't have a true binge very often. And I purged even less.
    Use people as inspiration. Do you know anyone else with an ED that went on vacation and did well? That helped me too.
    Stay strong, Ruby! And have fun :)

    1. Today has been a better day Emily
      I managed to eat lunch and not purge
      I just keep having to remind myself that if I don't eat it will lead to a binge

      Yes, my friend with an ED went on holidays recently so maybe I'll ring her
      Also Mary is back tomorrow so I could ring her x

  5. I went to the beach for a few days, but by myself, not with family. Hmm, does my mother coming up to help me move count? It was one of those situations where we're away from home and eat out a lot. The phrase "That's the most I've seen you eat in a long time." Gets really old quickly when you didn't even eat that recent post says other stories too. Despite you're parents bickering, I'd say try to enjoy it, get out in the weather if it's still warm (it's already getting chilly here, I'm going to have to pull out a jacket in the middle of August). The view would be even more lovely with some sun. Love you dear, glad you can go on vacation with your family.

    1. Yes, I'm doing my best to enjoy myself and I actually am
      Today was a good day, lots of laughing and fun and food wise it's been good too

      Love to you too lovely x

  6. Omg i feel your pain with the Parental Unit situation. We holidays in Wanaka every year and Mum+Dad WANTED to split but only stayed together for us kids. It was a fucking NIGHTMARE!

    I haven't been anywhere on holiday in ages. I have no useful advice. Remember that everything your ED tells you is BULLSHIT ok? You are not fat, not ugly, not worthless. Those are all lies it uses to keep feeding off of you.

    If Ed holds up magazine and runway models, remember that those lucky bitches have PROFESSIONALS doing their hair/makeup/costume fitting and THEN they get PHOTOSHOP. So unfair! ANYONE looks stunning with that kind of treatment!

    Imagine what you'd say to anyone here on blogger when we say that shit about ourselves, then remember that what you say to us applies to you too! Ed has borked your eyes and your perceptions when it comes to yourself. We won't lie to you, you are fantastic and amazing and wonderful. Believe us, ok?

    Ooooh my caption: "And here we observe the writer in it's natural habitat, taking on the raw materials required to produce fine art" (Read that in David Attenborough's voice)

    Love you to bits Ruby. Sending you tons of love from Down Under for your holiday. LOVE YOOOOOU!

    1. He he, I love your caption Peri
      That is actually a goo idea to put a photo and ask others to write a caption, I didn't realise that was there until I had posted it

      Love you to bits an pieces Peri
      Hope you are doing ok x


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