Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Welcome to Achill!

This week away with my family is confirming what I've always believed
That we are stone mad
Individually we are quite mad but when we all get together the madness is magnified
And all without a drop of alcohol
But you know what?
I love it
I love that we all talk over each other
No one listening to any one else
I love that we get each others sense of humour when no one else would
I love that we are probably the worlds clumsiest family
That we regularly fall down, trip up, walk in to doors and panes of glass
I love that we slag each other mercilessly
That no one takes themselves too seriously
I love that my Dad seems to live in a world of his own and is always two steps behind the rest of us
I love that my nephew keeps us young and on our toes
I love that deep down we are all a bunch of dorks
No room for cool in this family
I love that we only have to look at each other to know what the other is thinking
That we can't stay mad at each other of long
I love that I can just be myself without fear of judgement
That I can be disordered without anyone passing comment or getting angry
Of course there are times when my family gets on my last nerve
When I literally want to kill them
When they molly coddle me and are over protective
When they treat me like a child
But I know it comes from a place of love
Yes, we are strange
Yes we are a bit mad
Yes, we make no sense a lot of the time
But I wouldn't have it any other way

My nephew Oisin

Mum and me

We are family

Oisin pretending to be dead

Little women

Don't know what my mother is doing in the right of this photo


  1. Aw! It looks like you had a great time - and I guess family can be like that mad and annoying but you're right - I would have it no other way ! Thank you for all your support dearest ruby, love you xx ps you look great :) xx

  2. True Rayya

    Hope you're doing ok x

  3. Your family sounds like mine.. I hope you are doing okay while you are on vacation ;-)

  4. Thanks Launna, yes I'm doing ok and am even enjoying myself

    Hope you're doing ok too x

  5. My family is quite odd and dysfunctional. Extended family is sort of a facade and all small talk, but I'm remember how sharp my great aunt can be (we were talking about how I was going to graduate with a B.S. Bachelor's of Science, and well, it IS indeed BS). My brother is distant and we want to be there for him but I've forgotten how. Me and my mom fight a lot, but we never stay mad for long. But at this point I just like being independent and living on my own. Achill looks lovely, though is it cold there? One of these days I'll make it over to Ireland. Take care dear, love you.

    1. I would love that if you came over!
      Yes, I would love to be more independent but it's hard at the moment

      He he, your great aunt has a way with words

      Take care of you too x

  6. My mom and I always bake together and sometimes we sing opera dramatically and dance around the kitchen together. Sometimes we'll buy spray whip cream and rent movies we know are going to be horrible and laugh the whole time, sharing the whip cream and eating baking chocolate chips. My dad and I always watch super hero movies together and talk about politics. Sometimes grandma play hits me and I hit her back and grandpa makes me too many margaritas. My uncle is gay and an artist so he always provides the whimsical and dry humor. Family is a blessing. Yours sounds absolutely just right. :)

    1. I love that!
      You sound like you have a great relationship with your family
      I was a bit worried how this week would go but so far so good
      The week is nearly half over now, then back to reality
      I'm not looking forward to going home but I can't wait to see my dogs

      Love to you x

  7. You always visit the most picturesque locations Ruby. Absolutely beautiful. It looks like you're having a great time away.
    My family is a unique little unit too, though it's really only the three of us. At the end of the day, they aren't all that bad :P Like you said, I wouldn't have it any other way.

    Love you dearest Ruby. Take care <3 xx

    1. I'm lucky to live near so many beautiful places Bella
      This part of the world really is the most lovely place

      We are a small family too
      There is only one grandchild and just 4 of us kids

      Love you too sweetheart x

  8. So exciting to see you out enjoying yourself. I love the sound of your family, so different from mine. We are all about quiet, gentle love and affection. I bet dinners at your family home are amazing!

    1. Thanks Vanessa, it's great to be able to post something positive and different
      I actually think we are a quiet family a lot of the time but we have a lot of moments of madness too x

  9. Hey Rubs, thanks for the comment, I know you understand well the feelings I have right now. You do look eating disordered and you're not a fraud, unless things have changed a lot which I doubt, your BMI is still less than mine and your legs are diddy diddy. I'm really glad you have your family around you, hopefully that will spur you on when you feel like giving up? I think that's something I really struggle with, I've managed to totally isolate myself, I literally go weeks with just my appointments and my housemate getting on my nerves, when she's gone its just down to appointments and teddy bears!! When do you next have mary? love you and take care xxx

    1. Oh I know, isolation is a killer
      My family are the only ones left in my life, I don't really see anyone else
      I haven't seen friends in months
      But I know how you feel, you're lonely yet you want to be alone

      I am rooting for you so much
      I have so much faith in you and I just know that some day you will be ready to leave this life behind

      Just keep hanging in there
      Keep fighting this horrible thing

      Love you too Sweet P X

  10. "I love that I can just be myself without fear of judgement
    That I can be disordered without anyone passing comment or getting angry"

    God I wish this were true in my family. I can't go into my parents house without a comment about my weight or what I am (or am not) eating. I ALWAYS feel judged by them, so prefer to stay far, far away.

    Your legs are so tiny! I am more than a little envious right now. :S

    1. It's kind of the other extreme in my family
      They are maybe a little bit too accepting and forgiving
      I've been this way for so long that it has become normal

      I wish my legs were tiny
      After I posted these photos I panicked that I had just exposed my big fat self to the world

      Hope you're doing ok x

  11. Relationships within families can be so funny sometimes. With mine we have certain topics that we just don't talk about and my husband couldn't understand that at all. Best example is when I was 12 my mom and dad sat my brother and I down and said your sister is 6 months pregnate, Paul is the father don't tell anyone. We then proceeded to never mentioned Paul again. Its will be awesome to read back in this blog and jog your memories of a vactaion with your family. Have fun!

    1. They can Josie
      My family do that too about certain subjects
      But I think we have learned the hard way that brushing things underneath the carpet does not work

      Yes it is great to have something positive to report for a change

      Hang in there Josie x


    My family can be awesome but is mostly fraught. It depends how recent the access to drugs has been for certain family members and we do NOT discuss brainspaz because OBVIOUSLY I just need to "harden up" and "get over it" /facepalm/

    HOWEVER at the restaurant I did make Dad nearly spray Mum and Lockee with beer because I had Rogan Josh and he asked me how Josh was. (Trying to be dodgy) I spread my comments out and his responses developed from snorting to laughter to drink-spraying to utter grossed-outedness and unable to eat for a bit.
    I said "Rich and full bodied. . . Mmmmm nice and HOT. . . Surprisingly pleasant after-taste. . . . *Whispered* I can't wait to feel him dribbling out the other end later"

    I think I won, don't you? I fully broke him! XD



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