Wednesday, 11 September 2013

What recovery is like

I was having a nightmare of a day today, then I saw this.
Just because I fell doesn't mean I have to stay down.
I can pick myself up, dust myself off and keep going
I can do this
I  just need to believe in myself and do the opposite of what my ED wants
All is not lost


  1. keep your head up and your heart strong xo

  2. I use this analogy a lot, and back in the spring, I told myself I was between step 2 and 3. I knew I was in a hole, I was aware, but then I didn't immediately get out. I kind of liked the hole. Now. I'd probably say 3. Haven't been falling in too many holes, but I trip on a lot of cracks, if you get my drift. I love you hon, you can dust yourself off. We're behind you.

  3. Those are really cool!

    I hope you're doing better now!


  4. This is beautiful Ruby... I love this... if you don't mind, I might link back to you this weekend in a post... This could be used for weight loss in a healthy way too.. it could be used for so many things.

    Of course if do, I will link back to you and give you due credit :)

  5. I really hope you have a better day tomorrow! You CAN do this!

  6. There is an infinite number of side walks out there Ruby, new ones are being created everyday. I hope you explore them.

  7. I love this!! Words are so very powerful, post them on your mirror, on the ceiling above your bed, in the kitchen. Keep messages of positivity and love wherever you can. As my Mom said to me…."your head is so full of negative there is no room for positive"….that changed my life right there.

  8. This is by someone called Portia Nelson and I have loved it for ages! It's inspirational.
    As are you

  9. Beautiful! Your blog posts always find a way to impact or touch me. This quote is especially relevant today. Thank you for sharing your story and the ups and downs of the road. You are an inspiration! Hope you're doing a little better. Thinking of you xxx

  10. YOU CAN DO IT!

    Fuck ed. Do you wanna turn 50 and not be able to have your Bday cake cake and get a sugarhigh and go on a rampage with a watergun filled with blue food colouring? COME ON YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO.

    Gah I told Kerys how I wanna go horseriding with you and Oisin next year and she suggested I go back to horseriding lessons. I haven't had any since I was 11 D: omgimsofucked.

    Love you Ruby <3

  11. This is truly wonderful!!!! I saved the picture. Thank-you for sharing xo


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