Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Half full or half empty?

I have to admit that I am a confirmed pessimist
To me the glass is always half empty
My mind seems to go to the worst possible out come
Maybe it's because of the life I've lived
Maybe it's because I was born this way
Maybe it's because of the experiences that I've had
I'm not sure

I was wondering about you
Are you a glass half full or a glass half empty type of person?
Are you an optimist or a pessimist?
Inquiring minds want to know......


  1. I was more of the obnoxious philosophical one to say, well, it depends on your perspective. If you're taking a drink it's half empty but if you're looking at it it's half full. Probably complete bull haha. In general I'm both a realist and an optimist. I mean that I know bad things happen and the situation doesn't always go well but that's not to say it will get better. We're also powerful enough to enact change if we're uncomfortable or unhappy. Hope you're doing better dear.

    1. I guess that I am a realist too Eve
      I suppose we are all parts of each

      Hope you're doing ok x

  2. I am mostly an optimist... I do however have pessimist times that I try hard to turn around... life is never easy though... nor is it black and white.... we all have some of each... some more than others ;-)

    1. I agree Launna
      It's definitely not black or white x

  3. I'm mostly a pessimist, but also a realist. As for the glass, I agree with Eve that it can be a matter of perspective. If you've been drinking from the glass, it's half empty. If you've only just poured a half glass, it's half full.
    Love you dear. I hope you're okay, I'm keeping you in my thoughts. <3 xx

  4. I was always an optimist. The cheerful happy positive one in the family. My eating disorder stole that from me. I aim to get it back.

    Sorry I haven't commented in such a long while. I've been in such a see-saw of high and lows that I felt like a hypocrite writing anything. But I've read every post and been keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Much love <3

  5. Lewis C.K. has a joke that "optimistic people believe something good will happen; why the fuck would something good happen? "
    I always prepare for the worst to happen so that if anything I am pleasantly surprised with all different outcome.

  6. Thank to the depression I'm most definitely a pessimist, but I try to be more of a realist. Prepare for the worst possible outcome, hope it doesn't happen. Don't take shit for granted and don't look for stupid life lessons in everything. Shit just happens for no reason and we have to roll with it. Ugh.

    asdjkh;gjf just saw this video again and it reminded me of you and the don't-wanna-be-"adult" struggle and my "omfg fuck this grown-up bullshit" (Wtf is an adult anyway? We're all just overgrown 14-year-olds with varying levels of life experience!)

    Lets go chase seagulls. Fuck the dishes!


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