Sunday, 13 April 2014

Peaches Geldof

I wanted to take a moment to remember Peaches Geldof
She was found dead at her home in Kent on Monday in a scene that echoed the death of her mother Paula Yates
Paula died from a heroin overdose in 2000 and when she was found her daughter Tiger Lilly was by her side
Peaches son 11 month old son Phaedra was also by her side when she died
The cause of her death is not yet known and toxicology tests are being carried out
Peaches was the daughter of the campaigner Bob Geldof
She was married to Leonard Cohen's grandson Thomas Cohen
She was 25 years old

Peaches was a child of the digital age
Every moment of her life was posted on Twitter or Instagram
Reports claim that Peaches family were worried about weight loss and low self esteem
She seemed to crave approval from strangers and strived endlessly for perfection

It's so very sad
She had everything
A loving family
A doting husband
Two beautiful children
An idyllic life in the country
And it still wasn't enough
Sleep well Peaches


  1. This proves that until you are happy with yourself, no amount of so called 'perfection' will ever be enough.... This is tragic in so many ways, I hope woman learn from this sadness, no one knows what another person is going through, be kind...

  2. I was really sad when I saw this.

    Poor kid.


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