Thursday, 26 June 2014

My ideal life......

I have my last Mindfulness course this week
I am sad that it is coming to an end as I really enjoyed it
And it meant spending time with a very good friend
She has been a massive support to me recently

So this week we had homework
Part of the homework was to write out our ideal life
I really had to think about this as I don't let myself think about the future too much
But I had a go
And here is the result.......

My ideal lie is pretty simple and straight forward
I don't want much
I don't want money or material gains
The things I want are the things that most people take for granted

In my ideal life I am clean and sober
And I want to be clean and sober
I am happy to live in reality
I am happy to accept life on life's terms
In my ideal life I am in recovery
I don't deny myself food
And I don't binge and purge
I have a healthy relationship with food
I don't use it as a means of escape or to punish myself with

In my ideal life I am comfortable in my own skin
I accept my body the way it is
I'm not always trying to change it
I don't measure my worth in pounds and ounces
In fact I don't weigh myself at all
I accept my body for the amazing instrument that it is
I don't abuse it
Try to change it
Or punish it

In my ideal life I am not on any medication any more
I am able to handle life's challenges without popping a pill
I am off methadone
And feel no urge to go back using drugs
In my ideal life, although I may still experience anxiety, it doesn't stop me doing what I want to do
It doesn't paralyse me and stop me from living my life

I may also experience fear 
But again it doesn't cripple me
I feel the fear and live my life anyway
In my ideal life I like, love and accept myself for who I am
I am me and that is perfectly ok
I accept that I am not perfect and never will be
And I don't beat myself up for that
I'm kind to myself
I take care of myself
Physically, mentally and spiritually
I'm not so hard on myself
I accept success humbly
And defeat graciously
I know myself well
I know my boundaries
And am not afraid to let others know

In my ideal life I am well enough to be independent 
I have my own little house
A place to call my own
And I am able to manage that
There are lots of animals in my house
Maybe I am a foster carer for abused and homeless animals

I am financially independent
I can take care of myself and all my needs without depending on others
In my ideal life I will have a family
A wonderful partner and maybe some children
Our home will be a happy and safe place
There will be lots of fun and laughter
And everyone is accepted and loved just the way they are

In my ideal life I stop running from myself
I don't feel the need to escape my own head
Because now it is a positive place
A place that I am not afraid of any more
My outlook is positive
I see the good before the bad
The light before the dark
There may be challenges in my life but I feel better equipped to deal with them
I don't feel overwhelmed or afraid
I take life as it comes
And live a full and rich life
I laugh every day and don't take myself too seriously
I'm not obsessed with my own misery
I'm happy and I'm not afraid to be happy
I am me and that is ok


  1. "I'm not obsessed with my own misery
    I'm happy and I'm not afraid to be happy
    I am me and that is ok"

    I really love that Ruby,<3.

    PS: i answered your question in the comments on the post below!

  2. Your ideal life is beautiful, Ruby.
    I guess that mine is simple...just to be happy with what I have. I don't think I ever will.

    Christie :(

  3. This was wonderful to read, and really gave me some food for thought. I don't let myself think much about the future either. I hope you can have your ideal life one day Ruby, you deserve it.
    I'm glad to hear you've gotten so much out of mindfulness. If you've found this one so helpful, could you maybe do another course in the future?
    Lots of love to you precious Ruby. You're in my thoughts, always <3 xx

  4. I love love love this post Ruby! It actually inspired me to do write own yesterday and I linked back to your blog on it (hope that's okay!) Feel free to check it out and keep being your inspiring amazing self :)


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