Thursday, 26 June 2014

You decide....

I need your help
I'm attending a book reading tonight
My brother is reading
I don't go to many events so  it's a good excuse to get dressed up
Although it won't be at all formal
I still want to look nice
I have a couple of outfits in mind
And I need your help in choosing one
Here are the candidates......

Navy and white floral print dress from Dorothy Perkins

Orange and cream dress from Dorothy Perkins

Which do you think looks better?


  1. My first instinct is the coral one but I actually think you should wear the black and white one. :)

  2. I would go with the orange dress, it is more lively :)
    But they are both great, so whichever dress you'll end up choosing, you will look very pretty.
    Have fun at the book reading!


    1. Thanks Meg, I am still undecided but I like them both
      Decisions, decisions......... x

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  4. I think the first one looks far better, the colours, print, the cut - look really pretty. I - this is just my silly opinion! - do not like the second one at all. But then i am such a snob when it comes to clothes and i think if you let your readers decide you will end up going to the reading in what THEY think looks good and not in what YOU feel best in. (We are not going there!)

    have fun at the reading, hun and - yay!!! - to your brother!


    1. Thanks Loulou
      When ever I get dressed for something I always ask everyone around me
      I am so bad at making decisions
      I just wanted to get a few opinions as I don't have the best fashion sense in the world

      Will do, thank hun x

    2. I understand now! ;-) so: dress no one!
      i wasn't really aware of your perceived lack of fashion sense, i do like your style!

    3. I am hoody and leggings type of girl
      I am interested in clothes though
      I just am not always a good judge of what looks good on me
      And now my shape is changing it's becoming even more difficult
      Did you go through this? x

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  5. I like the first one best...

    Sorry for lack of reactions...


    And enjoy the evening!

    1. I've been wondering if you were ok A as I usually hear from you
      Hope you are doing ok
      You can always email me of you ever want to 'talk'
      I'll always reply

      Thanks for your suggestion, it seems most people like the first one x

  6. The first one. It's more intellectual (said the woman with zero fashion sense) :D

    1. He he, I am also a woman with very little fashion sense so you are not alone x

  7. I completely agree with Eve, at first I wanted to say the second one, but for an evening, go for the first outfit. But whichever one you choose, you look beautiful! Have a lovely time :)

    1. Thanks my dear for your suggestion
      As I look at the photos, I think the first one does suite me better

      I hope you are doing ok sweerheart x

  8. I'd say the first one looks better on you :) Have fun!

    Christie :)

    1. Thanks Christie
      It seems that most people prefer the first one x


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