Tuesday, 29 July 2014

And then she recovered

The original title of this blog was And then she disappeared
I kept this title for the first two years of writing this blog
Because you see I was planning to disappear
I was so entrenched in my addiction and eating disorder
That I could see  no other way out
I just wanted to disappear

But now I'm not so sure I want to
Now I see that recovery is possible
Now I don't want to disappear
I want to live for the first time in a long time
Please know that no matter how low you go
No matter how bad things get
There is always a way out
I had written myself off
I thought I was a useless waste of space
I truly hated myself and my body
Disappearing seemed like the only option I had left

But things can and do turn around
I am proof of that

I changed the name to Recovering Anorexic
As I wanted to  include recovery in the title
How ever this name just didn't sit right with me

Hydra suggested the name And then she recovered
I love it
It gives a nod to And then she disappeared
But also mentions recovery
Thank you Hydra
Hopefully I can live up to the name........


  1. I like the new title Ruby... it fits how you are changing... I know this is a rough road you are on ... those rough roads make us stronger than we ever though possible...

    Keep fighting to recover... you are worth it...♡

  2. Wonderful title :-) Amy x

  3. think its perfect love jo x

  4. I love it, it fits perfectly. Do you think you're going to change your URL?
    Lots of love <3 xx

  5. So pleased that the blog title suggestion was well received! I had been reading your blog for well over two years and that was my first ever comment! Just a small token in exchange for all that you have shared. I continue to cheer you on. Best to you.

  6. I absolutely love the name change. I'm catching up and I really do hope you're doing well, I feel like I've been so out of the loop on the blogosphere. I'm going to be more consistent with posting, and posting about inspirational things rather than just my busy life. Take care lovely!


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