Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Best Feature

I remember when I was in hospital
We had a group where we each had to think of our best feature
It was the longest group
As we each tried to think of something
I remember one girl said her eyes
And another girl said her wrists (I wonder why? thinnest part of the body anyone?)
I said my eyelashes
And I stand by that
They are the only part of my body that I think is nice
They are thick and long
No need for falsies here
And weight doesn't effect them at all
They always stay the same

It feels weird to talk about liking part of my body
For a couple of reasons
Having an eating disorder
I am so used to berating myself and my body
Honing in on the the negative
And focusing solely on that

And also in this country it is frowned upon to big yourself up
If someone does this they are seen as 'big headed'
It's silly really
We should be able to acknowledge good things about ourselves
Without fear of being ridiculed

So in an effort to promote some positive body image-ness
I was wondering about you
What is your best feature?
What is the part of your body that you like the most
It could be anything
Your eyes
Your ears
Your nose
Your smile
Your knee caps
Your big toe
Your elbow


  1. I dont think everybody is beautiful even if that is a very unpopular opinion. But i love this post. Your eyelashes are magic. But a lot more about you is. And for once i take the liberty not to talk about these f'n inner beauty shit.as you either have inner AND outer beauty or you have non!
    Because these are firmly linked!
    My opinion!now crucify me ;-))
    (Not you ruby)


  2. I love my butt. It's so big and round haha. It makes me feel so feminine and also strong when I'm lifting. I also love my eyes. It's a little different in America because they're like yah love yourself and be independent and out there sort of. I kind of like that people in Ireland are still humble. :) you are a beautiful person Ruby.


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