Sunday, 27 July 2014

Busy bee!

My goodness I am a busy little bee these days
Maybe because it is summer and the weather is good
Maybe because my family are on holidays
Maybe because my sister is home
What ever the reason
I am doing a lot these days
And that is a freakin' revelation my friends

For the longest time I hid away in my house
Only venturing out to walk my dogs in the morning
I spent the rest of the day in my sitting room
Sitting in front of the fire place
Binging and purging endlessly
And I don't exaggerate when I say that
It was constant
Non stop
All day
Every day

Then I used to over take my meds every day too
I sat on the rug in my living room
Drifting in and out of sleep
Dropping cigarettes
And burning holes in the rug
I don't know how many times my mother replaced that rug
And it wouldn't be long until I had it destroyed
I am happy to report that there has been a new rug in the living room for some weeks now
And not one hole in sight
It's the little things people....

On to today
My Mum, my sister, my uncle and I went to Garland Sunday in the Holy Well
Garland Sunday is a mass that is said on the last Sunday in July
I'm not particularly religious by any stretch of the imagination
But I usually go to this mass
As it is outside and in a lovely setting

I remember I was there last year and was quite ill and frail
At the end of the mass the priest asks the sick to come forward to be blessed
I remember my mother trying to talk me in to going up to get a blessing
But of course stubborn me thinking there was nothing wrong with me wouldn't go up
It was so lovely to be there this year
In a better place
And not so in need of a blessing
Last year I was so weak I had to sit for the whole ceremony
This year I was able to stand for the whole thing
And hold an umbrella
Oh the joys of recovery!

The thing is that when I was underweight
I was completely oblivious to the fact that I looked so awful
It's only now when I look back on photos that I see how truly sick I was

At this point I must say that things are not perfect
Not by a long shot
I still purge every day
Some times multiple times a day
I don't eat regularly
I still over take my meds from time to time
And I did something incredibly stupid yesterday (Which I will write about another time)
But I am doing my level best to stay as well as I can
And at this moment in time
This is as good as it gets for me
Maybe it's not true recovery
Maybe some people would laugh at my idea of recovery
But things are a whole lot better than they were
And that is enough for me right now
Maybe in the future I will feel more able to tackle these issues
But not right now
Right now I am concentrating on living as best as I can

Here are some photos from today........

PS Apologies for not replying to comments the last few days
I will be replying from today

The Holy Well

I look so squashed because I had two jackets on

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