Sunday, 27 July 2014

Crazy Mouse

I don't tend to venture out at night too much
Usually I am in my pyjamas by early evening
I used to be a night owl in my drug addicted days
But now I am much more of a morning person
My sister and I have been talking about going out at night for a while now
And my uncle was down this weekend so we decided to go out last night
Not out as in pubs and night clubs
Just out for a little wander around

The town nearest to me is a sea side resort
All tacky souvenir shops and amusement arcades
But there is something charming about it
There is also a fun fair
I had been looking at this ride called the Crazy Mouse
And I talked my sister in to going on it with me
It didn't look too scary
It was kind of a rollercoaster that spins around
My sister was no keen at all
But after much slagging she finally decided to go on with me

We sat in to the car and put our seat belts on
As you know I am a bit of an adrenaline junkie so I was all up for it
The ride started slowly and climbed up a huge hill
Not too bad so far
But as it reached the top
It took a corner so sharply
I thought the car was going to come off the tracks
My sister shrieked her head off as we spun around and went up and down
I couldn't stop laughing
It was hilarious
I haven't laughed that much in years
My poor sister got the the worst of it
As she was on the outside of the car
It was really quite terrifying
But really really funny
My sister was hoarse from screaming when she got off
Here we are just after getting off........

I tried to get my sister to come on some more rides with me
But she wasn't having any of it
After the funfair
We hit the arcades
My sister is such a hustler
She won over 40 Euro
I won a modest 10 Euro

I have much more to tell you
But have to go now
So talk later my friends


  1. Living life is much more fun than existing! Cx

  2. I've done the Crazy Mouse too!!!


    1. He he, oh yay!
      We have to do it together some day A? x

  3. I kinda feel like I know where nights out end... and because they all end the same way, I don't have the energy to even deal with them anymore. I quite like revelling in my oldness.Xo

    1. I know only too well Piggy
      I started going out so young that by my early twenties I was burnt out
      Yes let's revel in our oldness together? x

  4. How fun! I love amusement parks and fairs :)

    1. Me too Nicole
      Although that is the first time I have been to one in years x

  5. I miss nights out like that. Not necessarily drinking or partying, but just being out and having fun. It looks like you guys had a great time. Living in tourist towns can have it's upsides with things like the fun fair :) I'm not even game enough to get on a Crazy Mouse let alone an actual rollercoaster. I think I'd stick to the arcades. Has your sister moved back or is she just visiting? Sorry if I've already asked, my memory's a bit fuzzy lately.

    Love you loads <3 xx

    1. It's all there for you Bella
      It can happen
      And I truly believe that it can happen for you
      Don't write yourself off just yet
      I have every faith in you

      My sister think she will be staying for good
      I really hope she does
      She was in Australia for 14 years so she is ready to come home

      Love you too angel x


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