Saturday, 30 August 2014


I need your help with something
I am thinking of submitting some of my writing to an on line mental health magazine
But I am having trouble trying to pick a piece
This is where you come in
Is there any post that you particularly like?
Or one you think would be suitable?
My favourites are the ones with black humour
But I don't know of they would be suitable or appropriate
So if you have a favourite post
Or one that you think I should submit
Do let me know
I'd love to know what you think.......


  1. although i do think it would be most important to submit what you think is most relevant (as YOU can judge best what is/was most crucial for you, and it should never be about popularity or hits or --it should be about you and not "pleasing" anyone - aw, you know what i mean...) Her is my personal fave, as i think it so one the spot!!!!:

  2. haha, excuse the chaos! your writing is really great, and also open and honest - whichever topic you choose to submit will be a great contribution. hope you have a nice saturday hun

    1. Thanks Lilly for this
      I showed some of my writing to my brother this week
      He is a writer as you know
      He was very encouraging and told me that my writing is really good
      I guess I have so little faith and belief in myself
      But I am going to submit some work
      Just to see what happens
      I've nothing to lose right?

      Hope you're doing ok my love? x

    2. changes very f'n day. from suicidal to bearable and back,babe. still i am talking about as if it weren't me.


  3. I agree with Lilly. And I also love the piece you wrote named 'Lather, Rinse, Repeat'.

    Your writing touches people. It's honest, outspoken and real....


    1. but in contrast to popular blogger belief honest outspoken real does not make a good writer ( i am sure your brother will agree here) only good "reality tv substitution" , but you, darling ruby, have what it takes to become a real writer. that i firmly believe. plus your brother can help with publishers and agents. that (in contrast to popluar belief is essential in getting things out, therefore no matter how talented some people seem to be as writers (not as bloggers) they might never get read properly. no matter how f*'n brilliant they are, just because they do not have contacts or are too shy. so use all you have got and go girl

  4. This one is best
    It's very darkly humored :) and I think it's quite suitable.
    You are an execllent writer.



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