Saturday, 27 September 2014

8am Walk

Usually I am the first one up in the morning
I am an early riser
So I usually get up between six and seven
I let the dogs out
Have a cup of tea
Lea likes to get in to the car first thing in the morning
I'm not sure why
But she likes to sit in there
She seems happy so I see no reason not to let her
Then at about 8 30am I get Honey
And we go wan wake people up
I go down to my Mum first
I open her door and let Honey in
Honey is not supposed to be allowed in bedrooms
But it's just so cute to see her jumping up on the beds
Then I go and wake my sister up
And Honey gets under the covers with her

But this morning was different
This morning I was woken up for a change
My sister and Honey came down to my room at 7am
And jumped on my bed
Nice way to wake up
With a dog licking your face

We then decided to go for an early morning walk
With Honey and Lea of course
So that's what we did

Here is some photographic evidence............

Cuddling with Honey

Bundoran beach


  1. Oh, I wish I had the stamina for dogs! Cats suit me better :)

    1. He he
      I am a confirmed dog lover
      I would be lost without them
      Do you have cats? x

    2. Two nut cases, and if it weren't for my boyfriend I'd have more :D

    3. I'm the same
      If I lived on my own I would have so many dogs
      Too many
      So maybe it's better that I live with my mum and sister x

  2. so lovely! and loving your new blog layout, too!


    1. Thanks Lilly
      I'm just playing around with the layout
      Not sure if I will keep this one

      Hope you are doing ok?
      Email you later on x

  3. Lovely photographs, Ruby - and I am so so jealous that you live so close to a beach! Your posts about your dogs always make me want to get a puppy, but I don't think my three cats would be too impressed.... :-) x

    1. Thanks Cheryl
      My dogs mean everything to me
      But I think you are right
      Your cats would not be best pleased if you brought a puppy home x

  4. where you live is just beautiful,what lucky dogs! jo x

  5. It is really is beautiful Jo
    And my dogs are so lucky
    They have an amazing life
    As I type this they are at my feel sound asleep x

  6. My parents used to send our dog to wake us up when we were kids... and he was not a small dog, so it was a pretty dramatic wake up call. I was glad when the dog started sleeping in my parents room because he had a talent for taking up as much spaced on the bed as possible, although my cat shares that talent.

  7. Dogs are just the best! I'd not be here if it weren't for mine. May I just say, Ruby, that your eyes are different today. There is life in your eyes. I wonder if being with those that really matter (Honey, Lea, and of course your human family!) brings out the true Ruby and brings her alive. Beautiful cxx

  8. I'm so totally jealous that you can walk next to a beach.
    Your dogs are just too adorable for words, and I think I even like more the relationship you have with them. Dogs are freaking awesome, that's why we have 4 of them.


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