Friday, 26 September 2014

Decision made

As I wrote a few posts ago
A journalist contacted me as she was interested in my story
I spoke to her a few times
And she asked me a lot of questions
She is a freelance writer
So the way it worked is that she would pitch my story to different publications
And I would then decide which one to go with

Because I had told her about my dogs
And how much they mean to me
And have helped me in my recovery
She decided to use that angle
I was pleased with this
As it was something different
I heard back from the journalist yesterday
And two publications were interested in my story
The Sunday magazine with the People newspaper
And the pets page of the People newspaper
There was also a token payment from each

At first when this journalist contacted me
I was really excited
And really wanted to do it
But having thought about it
And talked to a lot of people
I have decided not to do the story
For a few reasons
The number one being that both publications want my real name and photos
And I'm just not comfortable with that
It's a different story if I was anonymous
I just don't want my name and face splashed all over the papers

I would love to tell my story
Whether that's in a book
Or getting this blog published
Or submitting to a newspaper or magazine
I feel that my story is relevant
Especially to women
I have over come a lot in my life
I guess my whole life is about over coming hurdles and obstacles
To get my story heard would mean that all of this has not been in vain
That it means something
That it could help someone
Otherwise what is the point of this life?

I was wondering about you
Can you think of any where to get my story heard?
Would you read my book/E book/blog of it was published?


  1. ruby!!!! so fabulous that you decided to write your own story!!! i am soooo excited!!!!of course i would buy and read it, i am sure all your readers here would gladly. but in terms of where and how - ask the brother. i am sure he knows way more than anyone here. xx

    1. Awh thank you Lilly
      You are a star!

      I will ask my brother for sure
      I know he can help me x

  2. I would most definitely read your story. I have loved following your journey Ruby. Your story is so relevant and could help so many people.

    1. Thanks Destiny
      I would love to think that my story could help others
      Then all of this would have been worth it x

  3. I would BUY the book if it came out! You have such a story to tell!

    1. Thanks CP
      I will even sign it for you, he he x

  4. You could contact publishers. I would also buy the book. Definitely :) to support you in any way.


  5. Of course I would read your book! I myself, have thought about writing a memoir. But for me, the thing stopping me is time. I just don't have it.

    1. I would read your book Katie
      Maybe when your kids are older you could do that? x

  6. I would totally read your book! By the way, I got an email this morning from some journalist who had seen my YouTube vids and wants to do a story on that. I think I am going to turn her down... Just don't trust that I guess. :(

    1. Oh I wonder was it the same one that got in touch with me
      If you want to email me her name we could check? x

    2. sure, emailing you now (to the email from your "contact me" tab on here)

  7. What a nice new lay out.
    And I would run to the store (or Amazon) and buy your book.


    1. Thank you A
      I am just playing around to see if I like it
      (And I would send you a copy for free) x

  8. I think it's probably a wise decision given she wanted to use your real name. I wonder why she was so insistent. A lot of stories involving EDs and mental illness use pseudonyms.

    If you're looking to publish a book, these are the thoughts off the top of my head. Granted I haven't written for a few years now and never got anything published, but I do have a handful of rejection letters I'm quite proud of ;)
    - Number one would be to look for a literary agent. They might be the best path to publication and will make things a lot easier.
    - What biographies that already exist have similar themes/feel to your story? Look at the back cover to see who published them, and check out their website for submission guidelines.
    - Get a copy of/subscription to the Writer's Market (there's a UK & Ireland edition of the book and an international website). It'll help you find relevant publishers.
    - Ask your brother!

    Being non-fiction, you could probably submit a synopsis of sorts with a sample chapter or two, but maybe focus on writing for now. Submitting something near-complete will give you a much better chance.
    If all else fails, you could always self-publish using Lulu or CreateSpace or something similar, although I'd be very surprised if you don't find someone to sell your story!

    I would read it from cover to cover to cover to cover to cover to...


    1. Thank you so much Bella
      This was really really helpful
      I know I can ask my brother
      But I want to do this myself
      You know?
      But yes, he is the first person I will talk to

      I would be proud of my rejection letters too....

      Much love sweetie x


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