Thursday, 11 September 2014

A - Z of recovery

A - Anorexia

B - Bulimia

C - Caring (For yourself)

D - Diets (To be avoided)

E - Eating disorder

F- Fu*k you anorexia ( And food, it's essential!)

G - Growing up

H - Help (Ask for it)

I - Inspired (Be inspired by someone elses recovery)

J - Joke ( Sense of humour is essential in recovery!)

K - 

L - Laxatives ( Never again)
      Laughter (Essential!)

M - Medication ( Sometimes needed)

N - Nourish (Your body)

O - Opportunity to live again

P - Peace of mind

Q - Quirky ( I definitely am)

R - Recovered?
       Regaining weight

S - Strength

T - Tough times don't last, tough people do

U- Unbeatable

V - Victory (Over our EDs)

W - Wise

X - X-cited about life again (Sorry I cheated with this one, just couldn't think of one for X)


 Z -

Can you think of a K, Y or Z?


  1. K: knowledge (as in knowing that there is a world besides ED and knowledge about what's behind it and so on)

    Y: you. it's about the real you. Not the ED arranged one, the one who lies and cheats, but the real you

    1. Love these A!
      I spent ages trying to think of a K and a Y X

  2. This is awesome Ruby I love it!!


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