Tuesday, 23 September 2014

One thing

We all know that we are very good at picking out things about ourselves that we don't like
I could give you a list of things that I don't like about my body
Starting at my head
And working down to my toes
It would be a lengthy list
Very specific
Formed over years of hating on my own body
My poor body has taken some abuse over the years
I've insulted it
Called it names
Abused it
And just generally have not been very nice to it

So in an effort to promote some positive body image
I asking you to name one thing about your body that you like
And don't worry
I am playing along too
Mine is my eye lashes
They are long and thick
No need for falsies here

I know it's hard
I know that we can list off every little thing that we don't like
So I ask you today to give your body  a break
And give it a little compliment
Just for today
I promise you your body will thank you for it

What is one thing that you like about your body?


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  3. The whole of you is beautiful :)
    I think my favorite feature is my hair - it's falling out quite badly now, but it used to be quite thick. It's still not too bad now, but it's definitely less than what I used to have. On the positive side, I won't need the hairdresser's as much. My best feature however is probably my complexion - everyone else envies it because I have a paler complexion. It's still darker and with a yellowish undertone - like all other Asians - but I am slightly paler and I had inherited that from my mother. People don't really care for my hair, which is why I've separated my best and favorite features.
    Phew, better go off to bed now, it's one in the morning (not that I'd actually sleep...)


  4. I like my arms. But actually my favorite part of my body is my brain! You just can't see that part, but it is technically a part of the BODY lol. I love my brain!!! It does so much cool stuff and works in ways that I don't even understand but I love it. And also, technically, I guess my unborn child is part of my body, and I love her too. But I suppose I should just say my uterus because it's housing her. :P

  5. My butt! I have long legs and then all of a sudden this big booty. Ha it's so feminine and curvy! And then my eyes because they're a bright hazely green and so expressive. You're a beautiful Ruby. :)

  6. I love this post. And I hope you keep up with giving yourself compliments every day :)
    I also think you're totally in the right to stop reading blogs that hinder your recovery. If you're sick you can't support everyone else in the best possible way anyway.

  7. You always post what I need to hear Ruby.

    Keeping quiet on the blogosphere because I'm too easily triggered and I'm trying (though more like treading water), but I had to appreciate this one out loud.

    I appreciate my body in it's entirety for sticking it out thus far. Don't know I'll be able to say that much longer though.

    And I appreciate you for being you!

  8. My favorite thing about my body is how strong my arms are. They are small and don't look like they could support a lot. But as I become healthier, they are starting to look a bit more muscular and I look more like the fighter I am trying to come.

  9. I like my nose and ears, I guess. I come from a family with enormous noses and ears and mine are just fine.
    And what I like is that I still don't need glasses, all of my relatives do.


    How are you, Ruubstar?

  10. I'd have to say my eyes. They are dark blue and I can't wait to finally have a child with blue eyes seeing as all my boys have brown. =)


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