Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Counsellors and cataracts

As you know
I see my doctor every Monday
However this Monday was a bank holiday
So I saw the doctor yesterday instead
My own doctor was off
So I saw Nice Woman Doctor instead
She asked me how I was
I told her that things have improved
But I still struggle with aspects of the disorder
I also told her that I am convinced that I am over weight
'That's natural' she said
'You were so underweight for so long'
'To anyone looking at you from the outside, you look fantastic
And it's not just your shape, it's your eyes
They look alive now'
A lot of people have said that to me
That my eyes look so different
I guess it's nice to hear

I told her that Mary is now gone
And asked if there was any counselling or therapy I could avail of
She said there were a couple of options
I could either get general counselling straight away
Or go on the waiting list for a woman in the next town
I was delighted when she said this woman's name
As I used to see her a few years ago
And found her very helpful
I can't remember why I stopped seeing her
Probably because I went in to treatment
She was great
She has a really holistic approach
Which I love
So I went for that option
It's great to know that I will have some body to talk to
Just to help me sort things out in my head

On a different note
We noticed last week that one of Honey's eyes is very cloudy
So we brought her to the vet today
At first the vet thought that it was a cataract
Which was bad news because of it spreads to the other eye
It can cause blindness
I was really upset when she said this
But then she had another look with her torch
And thought she might have been wrong
And it may be something else
So Honey is now on eye drops 3 times a day
And has to go back to the vet net week
I am hoping that praying that she is ok

That's all from me today
Just a quick post to give you an update


  1. I am so glad the therapy issue seems to be solved! And I am so terribly sorry to hear about Honey's eye :(

  2. That's wonderful news about the therapist! I knew there had to be someone suitable out there.

    I'm so sorry to hear about poor Honey's eye. My Billy has had quite a few health problems, including having cataracts removed when he was only 5 or so years old, and spinal surgery when he was 3 (not to mention he had to be desexed twice because he literally 'grew a pair' age 10!). It's a horrible time, waiting to find out what's wrong. I'll be keeping you and her in my thoughts.

    Lots of love <3

  3. sorry about honey's eye, but try not to panic its not that it spreads more that they are more vulnerable to having it in the other eye, there should be tests they can do as it can be treated with surgery if got early although expect it is expensive.also a check for diabetes as this is sometimes a sign expect they told you this might just be an infection or sometimes there is a condition dogs get as they get older which is treated with drops.hoping good news when u go back. know what its like still missing my lovely dog every day since january. take care jo xx


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