Friday, 31 October 2014


Against my better judgement
I am going to share some photos with you today
Please know that I know I look stupid
I know I look silly
These photos are totally unflattering
And I  am becoming quite the heffer
I just wanted to show them as they might give you a laugh today

My sister and I do yoga on a Friday morning
This morning we were messing about trying to do the different poses
I wanted my sister to take a photo of me in the mountain pose (Think that's what it's called, please correct me if I am wrong)
But of course I got a fit of the giggles
And couldn't do the damn thing
I didn't realize that my sister was happily taking photos of me in less than becoming poses
Here are some of said photos
Hope they give you a giggle........

Let me get in to the zone

Lea think I am nuts
She is probably right

Take 2

Come on body, work with me!

Oh for God's sake
This is too much like hard work


Later that day sans giggle


  1. At least you can stand still enough for a mountain pose, I wave around like a tree in storm :D

  2. It's actually a tree pose :) (vrik-SHAHS-anna) vrksa = tree

    You look amazing, Ruby. I know I don't comment often, but I have been following your recovery and it's been a inspiration. Seeing how healthy and happy you look makes me realize I don't have to live with this life-consuming ED for the rest of my life.

    Keep being wonderful you.

    1. Oh thank you, a tree pose it is

      Thank you so much
      It means the world to me that people like you read and follow my story
      It truly does x

  3. You're one fabulous looking tree :) The pictures where you're laughing are beautiful. You don't look stupid or silly and the pictures aren't unflattering. You look really happy, like you're genuinely having fun.

    I can't balance on one foot properly yet, but I'm awesome at downward facing dog and the warrior pose.

    Lots of love <3 xx

    1. He he, I love downward facing dog too
      But I can't hold it for too long
      Honey does that pose too
      It's really funny

      I know I have said it before
      But I am so grateful that you understand about my finding your blog hard to read
      I do read it but sometimes it's too much
      It's because I care about you so much
      We started this blogging journey together
      And hope we can continue

      Much love sweetheart
      I hope you see this x

  4. I suck at this pose as my balance is is pretty non existent and I'm worse on my left leg. I wish I could do it, but I go to yoga twice a week so hopefully I'll get it with practice. I'm definitely better at downward facing dog and also the warrior pose along with other poses I can't recall the names of. I just can't balance too well and never have been able to.
    The photos are amazing and I agree with Bella, you look like you're having fun. I'm also pretty sure my cats think I'm nuts when I'm hoola hooping.

    1. I find some of them hard too
      I have very little upper body strength
      Yes, my dogs think that I am totally crazy x

  5. I love yoga! And you're looking BEAUTIFUL and so happy!!

    1. Thank you dear Destiny

      Hope you are doing ok x

  6. Good one! I've never been able to do mountain! :)


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