Thursday, 16 October 2014

Sisters as heart, partners in crime

This is no funny
I'm not laughing
And this needs to be addressed
Myself and my sister are turning in to an old married couple
Don't laugh!
It's true!

Ever since my sister came home about 4 months ago
I've pretty much spent all day every day with her
Now, I'm not complaining about that
Not at all
My sister is as cool and awesome as they come
But slowly but surely
We have  turned in to a bickering old couple

Let me give you an example
My sister wanted to go to yoga this morning
And I didn't (Because I am surfing the crimson wave y'all)
When I came back from walking the dogs
My sister was in the kitchen all ready to go to yoga
Whereas I was ready to sit down with a cup of tea and relax
The following exchange ensued

Me: I really don't feel like going to yoga this morning
Sister: What? Why not?
Me: You know that I'm not feeling well, I'll just give it a miss for today
Sister: Oh please go, I don't want to go on my own. Look at all the times that I have gone swimming with you, 
That's manipulation
I know
Oh so you know but you don't care
Ah go on go
I'm trying to save money to buy new clothes for my ever expanding body
Now that's manipulation, do you want me to pay for you? is that it?
No, if I wanted you to pay for me, I would ask you straight out
Well think of all the tines I have brought you in the car to buy your crisps and chocolate and ham
I know but......
Just go

In the end I went
Under protest
But I did go
I had to deliberately not meet my sisters gaze at yoga
As I knew I would start laughing if I did

We were talking recently how we need to go out more at night
Like to the movies and such
I was joking and said we should have 'Date night'
Again like an old married couple

It's funny
If any one saw the way we go on when there's no one around
They would have us committed in a second
I've written before about how I think that laughter is the best medicine
It's good for the soul
And since my sister has come home
I have laughed a lot
I'm sure that has something to do with my feeling a lot better

So my sister and I were messing
And saying how we need to go on a break
And see other people
Oh my God
I hope no one takes this seriously
I am totally just taking the pi** here
My sister and I are sane, well adjusted people
No really we are
I swear we are........

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  1. i was a bit like this with my eldest daughter,we were joined at the hip after her exams as we live in such an isolated place,then she got some eve work, now she's miles away at uni! still cry every time i go shopping without her.what am i like?! x jo


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