Friday, 26 December 2014

St. Stephen's Day

It's the day after the night before here
We are all tired and groggy after yesterday's celebrations
I am still not feeling great
But better than I was in the run up to Christmas
Today will probably be spent in front of the TV
What with all the Christmas specials on
I hope you had a peaceful and relaxing day
I got on some sneaky shopping on Christmas Eve
Here's what I bought.....


  1. That second jumper is so beautiful. Boxing Day for me was spent on the couch doing absolutely nothing. I think the 27th will be much of the same.

    <3 xx

  2. LOVE the sweater & jeans! You look great Ruby!

  3. Ruby, those are great choices put together!
    Merry Christmas!

  4. Pooh, you're looking so gar. Disgusting ��

  5. How sad someones life so empty they have nothing to do but look through blogs of people they dont care about and leave a comment like this on boxing day.hope you get some friends soon! Look great xx


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