Sunday, 28 December 2014

Winter walk

My mum, my brother and his partner, my sister and I
And of course Honey and Lea all bundled in to the car yesterday to go for a winter walk
We walked for a good hour
Before we headed for dinner in a cosy pub 
Here are some photos of us messing
And to the anonymous commenter who said that I looked 'disgusting' in my Christmas photos
You'll have to be more creative with your insults to get me to stop posting photos
Try again....


  1. Love these! Your sister and your brother and his girlfriend seem great company! Love to see you guys... Amd the anon ... Wtf?? I bet it was the braindead anas-challenge guy... Omg i feel sorry for people like this!
    Lots of love dearest

    1. They are lilly
      So great for everyone to be well and in good form
      Hope your Christmas went well
      Sending you love and a big Christmas hug dear friend x

  2. What a lovely walk! But no snow? Do you want some of mine? ;-)

    1. I know
      I was disappointed there was no snow
      Got your photo
      Thank you x

  3. Love the pics, you guys looked like you had a great time!
    & don't listen to the rude people on here, obviously they have got nothing better to do with their time then to insult you, which thinking about that in itself is pretty sad.


    1. I know Kay
      I just don't understand some people
      Oh well we will just pity them that they have nothing better to do with their time

      Hope you had a lovely Christmas and are enjoying the break x

  4. Your photos always make me smile, they're so real and candid. The jumping one is great :) A moment of true joy with your pups and family. Take care dear.

  5. You look wonderful! What is with people? Keep the photos coming, I love them!!


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