Sunday, 25 January 2015

The Bed War

As you know
Honey had her eye operation last Monday
And as she stayed with my Dad for a couple of days
He went out and bought her a brand new bed
Now Honey gets very attached to her beds
She spends most of her life in bed
Sometimes she moved her bed around
Putting it in the best vantage point
Her bed is currently in the utility room
Tucked in under the work top 
She loves it there
She can see everything 
The kitchen
The garden
Oh yes
Her bed is in a prime location

So when Honey was well enough to travel
My Dad brought her and her new bed up here
She now had two beds 
And we placed the new one in the kitchen beside the radiator
Honey pretty much ignored the new bed at first
Didn't even look at it
But over the course of the week
It became more and more appealing to her
First she went over and sniffed it
Then she might stand on it for a minute
And now she is using as her 'Day bed'
As in she uses it to lounge in during the day
And keeps her other bed for night time

So it was very funny today when I walked in to the kitchen 
And saw that Lea was in 
Honeys day bed
Honey was outside at the time
And so had no idea that Lea had laid claim to the new bed
I immediately got my phone out to take a shot of her
Here are Lea and  Honey and said beds


  1. oh this is so cute. you are absolutely adorable.

    I find small things like this really make you smile. and they really can make your day. ah, Lea may want to be a little spoiled too, just like Honey is atm.


    -Sam Lupin

  2. Gooooo Lea!!! Sneeky girl...
    Is Honey doing a little better?



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