Sunday, 26 April 2015

Queen Maeve's Trail

My mum and my sister and I are planning to do the Camino next year
So we have started to train a little bit
Last week we did the mountain at the back of our house
And yesterday we did Queen Maeve's Trail
Which is up another mountain
It was 2.5km up
And 2.5km down
We made it up and down in two hours a
I didn't find it too bad
But my mum and sister found it tough going
It's only really because I don't smoke anymore
And I walk and swim a lot
If I was still smoking 
There is no way I'd have made it to the top

We made it down just before the rain
And went to Shells cafe for lunch 
We were so hungry
I had a burger and chips
That's how hungry I was
But it was well deserved
And treated us to an ice cream after

Here are some photos from the day.......


  1. What beautiful sights (and beautiful people!!) Sounds like a lot of fun :)
    I want to do the Spanish Camino de Santiago at least once in my life, I had a friend who did it and blogged about it and it seemed so cool, I wish I could have gone with her ^-^
    Take care lovely *hugs*
    Mandy xx

    1. Aw thank you miss Mandy
      Yes I am so excited to do the Camino
      Have wanted to do it for ages
      I know you live in Spain
      Are you anywhere near it?

      Much love my dear x

    2. No, unfortunately.
      I'm in Andalucia, all the way down south, and the Camino is all the way up north.
      I used to live marginally closer, when I lived at my mums place, but I had to move for my studies.
      I will still do it someday though, it's not hard for me to get there, it's just a bus ride away ^-^
      Take care miss Ruby <3
      Love you lots xx

  2. you all look so happy! when do you plan to go? jo xx

    1. Hope to go September of next year Jo
      So lots of time to prepare! X

  3. What a beautiful view! Makes me want to get back out to the mountains again.


    1. It is beautiful Bella
      I'm so lucky to live near these amazing places x


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