Sunday, 26 April 2015

Healthline 2015

I just found out yesterday 
That andthenshedisappeared has been voted one of the best eating disorder blogs of the year by Healthline
I was super excited to find this out
As it is the third year in a row that I have recieved this honour

My blog will be 3 years old at the end of this month
And it has been an amazing 3 years
Such a rollercoaster of highs and lows
Ups and downs
Victories and defeats
Tears and laughter
Sadness and joy
I am so glad that I documented the last few years
And I have it to look back on
And see how far I've come

I had been reading blogs for a while before I started my own
The very first blogs o read were
Recovering anorexic over on Wordpress
Who is no longer writing under that name
Lou over at my life with ed, and, Mia
Yummy secrets
And 2Medusa
I was so inspired by these strong ladies
That I decided to start writing myself

My blog started off as something bordering on unhealthy
I wrote about fasting 
And trying to lose weight
But over time 
I began to document my life fighting both addiction and disordered eating
And now it is a lot more recovery based

I started my blog because I craved to be around others like me
In my real life my world had shrunk to just me and my illness
I was desperately lonely
Writing was the perfect medium for me
As I could get the words out at my own pace
And I found writing much easier than speaking
I soon found a real love for it
And I think my writing is improving all the time

This little community we have here on blogger is unique
When I first started writing 
There was a thriving community here
And there was a real buzz about the place
Over the lay year however
So many bloggers have vanished
I wish I knew what has happened to them
These were the ladies who welcomed me in to this community with open arms
Left heartfelt comments on my blog
And we're there for me through the drama that is my life
I miss them
I hope they are ok

So yea
I am delighted that my blog has been recognised
I feel so passionately about helping others like me
To warn and educate younger kids about the dangers of EDs
To think that my blog helps others truly warns my heart
So thank you Healthline
You have made my day......


  1. Congratulations sweetheart!!!, you deserve it ^-^ I'm so happy for you!
    Big big hugs
    Mandy xx

    1. Thank you dear Mandy
      It means so much to me x

  2. Congratulations! Your blog is so honest and pure - I love that it shows us what recovery is really like (that it's not just smooth sailing but can be done in gradual steps but is fully possible) You are an inspiration to many. Lots of love <3

    Also, looooove the photos from your hiking post. When can I come with you?!

    1. Aw thank you hun
      It makes me so happy that my blog helps others
      It truly does

      And of course you can come
      Anytime..... X

  3. thats great ruby you so deserve it, i love your blog came across it by accident as don't read any others and identify so much with what you say. congrats! jo xx


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